May 5, 2011

South Lefroy Bay Ningaloo

We have been camped at South Lefroy Bay, Ningaloo for the past nine days but this is my 1st chance to upload any updates and check email. We have driven in to Exmouth today to buy another Next G Antenna so hopefully that will give us greater signal strength. A trip into Exmouth isn't complete without visiting the Bakery and re-stock on the essentials like Beer & Wine.

The weather so far has been a pattern of mostly windy days but drops off enough to see us out in the Kayaks everyday. So far the fishing has been quiet, i have caught a small shark of the beach and a couple of small spangeld emperor, the Shark fed us all, the spangled went back in the water to grow a lot bigger.

Kimbo and i had a good afternoon squiding, between us we caught 10 squid ranging in size from large to medium, I cooked up a couple of tubes to go with our battered fish and Vickie's yummy coleslaw for tea the night Jo & Dave arrived.

Vickie has had a couple of experiences with having two sharks swim close to her Kayak, one was a Hammerhead and unsure of the other species. I spotted a very large Tiger Shark swimming past our camp in shallow water a week ago, we have seen a large Tiger Shark cruising in shallow water at previous times we have been here so mostl likley the same one.

The Mozzies and bugs have been a nuisance, one evening we had hundreds of Dragon Flies circling around our camp, we hope they were there to eat the bloody mozzies.
Other than that life here is enjoyable, we are certain that we will have perfect days to come and even the worst day is better than any alternative.


Red Nomad OZ said...

HHHMMMmmm... dragonflies, huh? We ran into a massive swarm (? is this the correct collective noun??) between Cobar & Wilcannia a few weeks ago. Maybe it's ideal breeding conditions for them?

MillaRuby Designs said...

I hope mum has those legs ready to paddle full steam ahead if the shark finds her of

travellingmacs said...

Hi Mick & Vick. Enjoyed reading your blog and seeing where you're at. Wish I was there with you guys. It's freezing here in Sydney and I've got a winter cold! Keep your legs up on the kayak, Vickie. I don't want to read about anyone attacked by a shark at Ningaloo! Love, Margie xx

trailer trash said...

Hi Mick & Vick,I also enjoyed reading your blog & lokking at your photos,now i see what you see in ningaloo.Jan & i have owned out BT a couple of years & have done a few trips from sydney to vic & SA.We have been stuck living in our van for several months awaiting the sale of our factory unit before we can take off for a number of years travelling.We've now put it to auction & tomorrows the day.So near but so far...cant wait to get out there & do what you guys are doing.Thanks for your blog site....envious trailer trashers,Graham & Jan Smith