Aug 3, 2011

Update Adelaide - 4th August 2011

We are presently in Adelaide, Vickie was able to get an appointment with her Eye Specialist for the 2nd August plus she needed to see her GP for a referral so it only gave us six days to drive on over - plenty of time when i think i have driven solo from Brisbane to Perth in 4 days - We didn't leave untill Monday Midday and the weather was lousy, we struck heavy rain almost from the moment we got onto the Great Eastern Highway, we hadn't really considered the distance we needed to drive the 1st day before getting to a suitable overnight stop and it was headlights on for the last hour before getting to the camp.

The next few days were just get up in the morning, have breakfast and hit the road, We generally stopped around 3pm with a few coffee stops in between. We have lost count of the many times we have driven across the 'Nullabour' I still don't mind it, being out on the open road with the vast scenery even if it is just scrub is relaxing for me.

We arrived at Erin's on Saturday afternoon which gave us Sunday to settle in before seeing the Dr's on Monday & Tuesday. Getting the referral for the Specialist wasn't a problem along with a referral for a CT scan of Vicki'e back as she has been having lower back pain. Tuesday it was off to see the Eye Specialist who confirmed what the Perth Dr had recommended, an operation to remove the damaged blood vessels to try and stop the problem re-occuring, but 1st she has to have an ultrasound of the eye next Thursday to make sure she has not had a partial retinal detachment, depending on the test will then make the decision to operate an easy one.

Vickie has had her back scan and will see her GP on Monday for the result of that.

Life on the road is still good, it can just be a bumpy ride at times.

OK - Latest Update

Vickie is booked in to have surgery on the 7th Sept, a week prior to that she needs to have another aveston injection in the eye, after surgery it's another visit the next day and then a week later for a check up ...... we then have a month before the next appointment. We have worked out the dates to fit in with the BOG Muster that we want to attend at the end of September at Quorn.

Not to be left out, I had some Xrays & Ultrasound on my shoulder and received two injections into the shoulder joint to try and settle down the pain & inflamation. Other than that the weather is freezing cold most days along with drizzling rainy days. Neither of us feel inclined to get out and about and we are just keeping warm.