May 24, 2011

South Lefroy Bay Ningaloo - 25th May 2011

Another week has gone by, life here in Paradise continues to roll along. Some days are very groundhog day but even then there is always something to do, catch up on little jobs, go for a drive, kayak & beach fish or just relax and read a book. I am reading an excellent story written by Hugh Edwards titled 'The Reef, The Range The Gulf' it is all about the history of the area and gives a great insight on how life must have been for the early explorers, i can recommend it.

We all had a Gourmet Pizza night with the girls all making a couple of pizza's, Trev and Ashley made their own separate versions and they were all fantastic! better than any Pizza Shop!

The weather has not been the best with windy day's and some overcast sky but it hasn't stopped Vickie from getting out on her Hobie Kayak, she loves being on the water and throwing lures around, she does very well with a couple of Queen Trevally [Queeny's] being her latest catch.

Kimbo and i have been squidding most days and though we haven't scored a bag like we did earlier we have still caught enough to keep us in bait for our beach fishing. The moon and tides have changed and we have not fished for nearly a week, we did catch another five Spangled Emperor between us on the wane of the full moon and Trevor caught another big Spangly the next night but nothing since.

We have driven into Exmouth again and also we took a drive to Yardie Creek along the coastal track, one section had thousands of locusts swarming out of the grass as we drove by, fortunately we were only going slow and they didn't splatter when hit. Coming back we had to deal with lots of Roo's jumping across the track, they didn't splatter either so all was good.

Last night Kimbo tried cooking us a camp oven roast Pork but had difficulty with getting enough coals hot enough so he admitted defeat and we stuck it in the Webber Baby Q and cooked it to perfection.

Tomorrow we go into Coral Bay along the track exploring the many side tracks to the ocean for a spot of beach combing.


The Retro Roamers said...

Good post Mick.

here we are up a mountain, freeeeeez'c our perverbials off, and sitting on top of a fireplace, and you are out there, enoying some sun and warmth. Grrrrrr!!!

That's it!! 2012 we are heading west!

Cheers & beers


MillaRuby Designs said...

Wow pizza looks fabulous!! Best pizza's i seen for a long time. Girls very impressed with nana's fishing skills. Perhaps you need to show us some of your ways to cook fish?