May 23, 2024

We are Vanless !!!!

 For the 1st time since 2005 we do not own a Caravan .. 

We have been very happy with our choices of Vans in the past but we decided to move our 2022 Masterpiece Optimum on so we can take delivery of a 2024 Masterpiece Optimum around the end of June. 

Why? You may ask .. Well .. 

After helping out MP at the latest Perth Caravan & Camping Show and seeing their latest model vans with the redesigned Victron Electronics and Lithium Batteries layout plus the new truss chassis and Terraglide airbag suspension it really got me thinking about changing up. Another of the selling points was the new model no longer had the Passive Dometic Dust Reduction system which we thought was ugly and caused water leaks initially. The new model has a 12v fan system, lower profile and you just know by looking and using it that it’s a 100% better. Plus we get to choose our colours and layout this time instead of buying a display van. 

Of course all this does cost more, and we know we won’t be living this lifestyle for ever so we intend to give it our best shot for a few more years before I physically can’t. 

Build information on our Optimum can be seen here 

Masterpiece Optimum Off Road

We added extra solar, 1000w in total and a few minor changes, opting for an Oven & Gas cook top and a conventional microwave instead of the convection microwave & cooktop in the specifications. We already use a portable induction cooktop and we wanted more bench space so also opted for a sink with no drain board.  No photos to share as our van has not been built yet, but when it is I will share some build pics here when I can. In the mean time here are some more links 

Terraglide Suspensions

Masterpiece Caravan

Roadking Chassis

Mar 23, 2024

Perth Caravan and Camping Show

 Spent the weekend helping out at the Masterpiece Caravan display at the Perth Caravan & Camping Show. Huge crowds in the morning which kept everyone busy and it wasn’t until around 3pm on the last day things quietened down a tad. 

I’ve no idea how many vans were sold but there were quite a few displays vans sold and orders taken for new. 

I enjoy having a chat with the many who called in, some appeared to be there just to tell me how great their 30 year old Millard is, others were more interested knowing about importance of matching the right van to the correct tow vehicle and the latest technology. 

All in all it was a good weekend enjoying what I love. Oh … and I got to meet Elenya and Rick from ELNICK ADVENTURES.. the most natural down to earth YouTubers we follow. 👍

Whatever you drive or tow, if you see us out and about, come say G’Day 👍

Elenya Myself & Nick

One of the many display vans

More Display Vans

My Favourite, the updated 2024 model of what we own now

Superb layout for the Victron Electronics 

The amazing Terraglide Suspension

Mar 8, 2024

A Few Days At Donnybrook WA

Down visiting family at Donnybrook WA and our auto sparky nephew wired in a 12v cable to a front box where we have a ARB 47lt fridge. Been testing the battery draw off grid with the fridge on freeze at -18 degrees, internal fridge working away, a mix of inverter use for coffee machine, toaster and even had the AC on for a 2 and a bit hours .. TV, CPAP etc and wake up to 75% battery SOC 😁 

Very overcast day today and with the ARB fridge still on freeze plus the usual inverter stuff being used we got to 100% SOC & float in the afternoon. 😁 

1120w of roof solar & 420ahr Lithium. Nearly 4kwh of solar power from the panels today. 

Everything working perfectly. 👍👍

Feb 1, 2024

Kalbarri - HOT

Another 40 plus temp Day today 🥵🥵 … absolutely glorious outside now at 5pm but a bit of a waste of a day sitting in an air conditioned van. We did meet Garry & Janine, Masterpiece owners and also Chev Silverado owners so it was good to compare and chat about all things  

It’s home time tomorrow & I can waste the days in the pool 😂

Jan 30, 2024

Kalbarri Skywalk in 45 degrees

With temps forecast to be in the 40’s plus and not feeling like visiting at 5am we gave it a go late arvo ..  still to bloody hot but it’s ticked off the list .. In hindsight 5am would have far more pleasant, Natures Window can wait for another time. 🥵🥵

Jan 29, 2024

A Drive Around Kalbarri

 A days drive checking out Kalbarri. Stunning scenery along the ocean road. We had an interesting chat with old mate 98 year old who told us what it was like to live through the cyclone that hit back in April 2021. The town has recovered remarkably well.

Jan 28, 2024

Getaway to Kalbarri

Getaway for a few days as a test for the new Chev and the Van that’s had its battery management system reorganised. Chev tows the Van brilliantly, they shine as a tow vehicle but certainly takes a bit of getting used to backing the Van into places the Landcruiser did it easy .. the extra length requires a different approach. Its advantages certainly outweigh any disadvantages though (no pun intended 🤣) 

Called in and visited mates at Geraldton for two nights, had some electrical work done on the the Chev, UHF & Safety Dave Camera wired in, and a couple of Anderson plugs fitted, excellent work by Danie at Sparkeze Auto Electrics. 

A night at Coronation Beach which was busy with the wind and kite surfers and then headed on to Lucky Bay, we initially missed the turn off and went into Waego Chalets & Camping but we gave that a miss when told it was $55 a night, instead we turned back to Lucky Bay and glad we did, this place reminded us of Ningaloo 20 years ago .. drive in and find a place to stay … no structured camp areas and majority were private tucked away in amongst the bush. We would come back here again for sure. 

We are now set up at Kalbarri Anchorage Van Park . 😳🥴😱😱 .. yep a Van Park !! This does not happen often but it’s many years since we visited Kalbarri so a Van park it is. We have nice river views, green grass and the park is very quiet. Perfect as it could be. 

Our camp at Coronation Beach

It was a long weekend so extremely busy 

Interesting watching the wind and kite surfers

Excellent lookout over the campground

Very impressed with the fuel economy of the Silverado 2500

Happy Pic 

A stop at Northampton 

The Pink Lake

Lucky Bay WA, 

Our camp place at Lucky Bay

We are Vanless !!!!

 For the 1st time since 2005 we do not own a Caravan ..  We have been very happy with our choices of Vans in the past but we decided to move...