Feb 13, 2019

Esperance and Lucky Bay February 2019

We went down to Lucky Bay Esperance for 10 days, it’s been a few years since we were last here and the camping area has changed a lot. It now has around 50 camping spots which are all big enough to easily fit large vans, motor homes etc, each camp also is placed so majority have a view. Lucky Bay has the cleanest squeakiest white sand and the ocean is turquoise in colour, it really is picture postcard perfect but made even more so for the friendly kangaroos that wander around the beach and camp ground. We regularly had a family of three visit us daily for a drink of water, it’s requested not to feed them as they become reliant on handouts. As I write this we have a young roo curled up on our mat listening to our music, he has good taste

We are here with Vickie’s sister Jo and hubby Dave and mates Glenn & Karen, we all have caravans and Landcruiser 200 series. We have driven to see Rossiter Bay, Thistle Cove and Hellfire Bay along with the Cape Le Grand campground and beach. We also drove into Esperance one day to buy a new VAST Satellite receiver box because ours was not behaving itself. Lunch at the Pier Hotel was quite good.

Our time went quiet quickly, we had arrived two days before Jo and Dave and 4 days before Glenn & Karen so we were well relaxed by the time they arrived. We had a go fishing off the beach but had to walk out 20 -30 metres into the water because it was shallow even on the rising tide. Dave caught a herring, i caught nothing. We had good books to read and Happy Hour started earlier each day, so apart from our local drives and swims in the Bay, it was just chill out time. I go into Hospital on the 15th to have a Rhyzotomy which is burning of the nerves in my lower back, hopefully this gives me some relief from the constant pain, i have another procedure the following week. 

We left Lucky Bay two days early so we wouldn't have to drive too far each day to get home, we bushed camped one night and the second we stayed at Billy's property in Donnybrook.