Jun 14, 2017


Another visit to South Lefroy Bay, Ningaloo Homestead has been and gone. This year the Billy's had their new JB Scorpion off road caravan and GX 200 series TTD, It sure was a change from the Jayco Swan and 100 series they had for many years.

On the road north
Billys new rig

Ningaloo Homestead

The Ningaloo Road, recently graded

Ningaloo Homestead, 1st port of call when arriving
 We had our usual camp sites and arrived when the weather was hot, we got the vans positioned, awnings out and hit the water for our 1st of many swims to keep cool. The next few days were spent getting our camps finished with plenty of shade walls and floors. 

Never get tired of the sunsets

Full moon
Kayaks off, fishing rods set up and we were ready for our stay. I had a slow start on the squid but by week two I was pulling in an average of 6 a day for the next two weeks. Vickie & Dave started to get in on the act and catch them as well, we had more than we needed so started sharing them with other campers.

One mornings effort

Another day
Calamari YUM
 Another day we went for a drive over the dunes for Dave and Brett to get more experience with their 200 series Landcruiser's and the girls to do some Beach fossicking.

Boys and their toys

Girls with the boys toys

Brett getting ready for the hill
Maybe this time?

Brett looking relaxed

I'm the King of the Castle

 We took our Kayaks up to Yardie Creek with some other campers we know and had a lovely time paddling and peddling up the gorge spotting rock wallaby's and birds.

Rock Wallaby

Gamma Hole on the track to Yardie Creek
Billys Fish and Chips
Our Roast Lamb night
 The weather was lovely for the first month, our daily routine can become very similar and Vickie had enough by then and she flew home to spend time with our eldest granddaughters. I had a mate coming across from Victoria for a couple of weeks, Mal has visited Ningaloo with us a couple of times before with his wife Lynne but this time it was a solo trip to test out his new Camper trailer.

Mally in his happy place

Typical Sunsets at Ningaloo

Mally and Mick

During his time with me we Beach fished most days and nights but our catch was dismal to say the least, a few shovel nose rays, some thread fin salmon, a spangled emperor and giant Trevally and some unstoppable sharks. With news reaching Mal that his wife wasn't well and me with my mojo struggling we choose to pull the pin early. It was a disappointing end to our stay but family comes first.

At least he caught something for all his effort :-)

They are getting bigger Mally :-)

Dave working out what to do next 
I'll admit that i am starting to lose interest in updating our blog via the clunky blogger on laptop, I have tried using my iPad with the blogger app and its not as simple to upload photos, i have started to use Face Book for any NIKNOFF updates so if your a face book user and you want to check it out just do a search for NIKNOFF Facebook ...Until next time, Safe Travels