Apr 22, 2011

Back on the road - New Norcia

Vickie's father flew to Melbourne last Friday but it took us a week to be ready ourselves before we could get away. Waiting for last minute Dentist appointments which didn't happen due to Vickie having the flu. So finally it's back on the road again for us and travelling with us are our mates Kimbo & Ned, We have ten days before we we arrive at Ningaloo where we are booked in for two Months at South Lefroy Bay, we call it Paradise and can't wait to get there. Vickie's Sister and Hubby Dave are catching up with us at the end of the month, their Son Trevor & his girlfriend Ashley arrive a fortnight later.

A lazy 180klm drive yesterday bought us to New Norcia where we are camped across from the Benedictine Monastry, a lot different to the last time we were here when the grounds were a lush green, We took our mates on a walk around the buildings & gift shop and the rest of the afternoon was spent laying back in the camp chairs watching the comings & goings.

We will probably move on today, it won't be far and i will update this when i can.