Oct 1, 2018

1st October 2018

Well our five month trip around Australia is over and what a trip it was. A lot of where we went we had been before, so the enjoyment factor for some of it wasn’t as high as it should have been, plus having extremely annoying car issues most of the trip, certainly got the stress levels rising, enough to warrant a visit to the emergency section to get the heart checked over, which got the all clear which was a relief but some follow up is required now we’re home, both the car and myself.

Yesterday as we were heading past Coolgardie a thunderstorm hit us with lots of spectacular lightning bolts, not a lot of fun driving through so we pulled into Boondi Rock to stay for the night. We were very impressed with the camp area, large separated camping spots, extremely clean and the dam and rock itself were amazing, the work gone into the canals to direct water was awesome.

One thing we will be doing more of in the future is shorter closer trips to home rather than doing the big laps we have done so many times. In particular we like the granite country out in the wheatbelt country and of course we will still be going to Ningaloo.

Some distance and fuel figures for our trip.

17,623 klms travelled
$6,075 for diesel
3096 litres diesel
21.52LPH average

We hope you have enjoyed our trip stories and photographs, until next we are NIKNOFF again Cya’s