May 16, 2019

Birds on our travels

I enjoy bird watching on our travels, below are a few photos I was lucky to take.

I’ll try and name the birds I know, no guarantee's i will get them right, feel free to correct me in the comments below.

Thank you Helen and Vince for letting me know some of the birds correct names.

Gouldian finch
Pelicans at Noosaville

Crimson Finch, Gregory River Qld

New Holland Honeyeater, Lucky Bay Esperence

Galah, Worramel Station WA

Brolga FNQ

Australian Darter, Manning Gorge Gibb River Road

Purple Swamp Hen

Black Kite, Burdekin Qld

Silver Gull, Safety Bay WA

Stone Bush Curlew, Babinda Falls Qld

Casowary Babinda Falls Qld

Gouldian Finch, Wyndham WA

Egret? Gulf Savannah

Rainbow Lorikeet

Welcome Swallow or Red Capped Robin

Stone bush curlew


Australian Darter

Pied Butcher Bird

Blue Winged Kookaburra

Laughing Kookaburra's

Fantail Wren

White Faced Heron 

Sacred Kingfisher

Silver Gull

New Holland Honeyeater

Whistling Kite

Willy Wag Tail

Pacific Duck

Nankeen Kestral

Pelicans over the Coorong


Lyre Bird

Intermediate Egret

Purple Swamp Hen

White Winged Fairy Wren

Purple Swamp Hen

Intermediate Egret's 

Bush Turkey


Stone Bush Curlew

Masked Lapwing

Blue Faced Honeyeater


King Parrot


Bush stone Curlew

Crimson Finch



Crimson Finch

Singing Honey Eater i rescued from our bird bath

Aussie Emu