Aug 31, 2015

Safety Bay WA - Adelaide SA

We have been home since the end of June and we are looking forward to getting back in the road. The 1st part of our trip is another drive across the Nullabour and visit our youngest daughter Erin who is due for baby #2, this is very exciting and we wouldn't want to miss being there so hopefully we arrive before the action starts. 

Having sold the ute that carried our mountain bikes I needed to find another way of taking them away. I initially thought about making up a rack on the front of the van but it would have got in the way of things, so I looked at the rear and this us what I came up with. I was a bit dubious about the way it clamps onto a 50mm towball, but it appears very strong and doesn't move around at all.

The rack is a Thule brand, I also moved the number plate across, the down side is the bikes will get dirty on unmade roads so will need a wash or blow down with compressed air before use. 

We left home around 10am on Monday 7th the day after Father's Day and with Curls (our sister in law) following behind in her small motor home we stayed the 1st night at Boorabin rest area approx 60ks before Coolgardie. The 2nd night was in the bush along the highway, here we had a campfire a few drinks and played charades, Curls was nervous about driving the section from Noresman to Ceduna by herself and very pleased she had us for company, she was continuing on to Canberra and Qld to visit family and would be ok when she knew she had phone coverage. Our 3rd night we camped along the Bight, we had spectacular views but the wind was cold and gusty. A very relaxing night listening to the waves crash against the cliffs of Australia and a good nights sleep. We seemed to be on the road around 8am WA time and stopping around 4pm with some stops in between for food & toilet breaks. Our last night together was in the bush just before Wirrulla, the next day Curls turned off the highway and headed for Canberra and we stopped at Port Parham for the night before going onto our daughters home in Adelaide. Upon turning the phone in this morning we were exited to find out that baby arrived in the early hours and everything went well, so well in fact that Mum & Bubs are coming home the same day, amazing !  

Our 1st night, Boorabin rest area.

Our camp for the night along the Great Aust Bight.

Raising the Stein for friends no longer with us.

The view from the van.