Aug 21, 2012

Bingara and Leyton Sprints

We spent a week at our Daughters in Adelaide, in that time i was able to do some home maintenance for her whilst Vickie & Erin flew to Melbourne for three days to look at wedding dresses for Erin's wedding next year. A visit to Adelaide is never complete without us going to the Central Markets and having lunch at a Chinatown Cafe, they make the best Chicken and Rice and yes we are addicted to it.

Chicken Rice
We have 2 weeks before we get to the Bushtracker factory to have some work done on the Van but we both didn't feel the need to take our time looking around the Murray River again, the nights were very cold and we both just wanted to get where it was warm. We stayed a night at the Forbes Bird hide and a night at Manangatang before pulling in at one of our favourite camp spots, the Gwyder River at Bingara.

Gwyder River Bingara NSW
The Roxy Theater
Bingara Main Street
Bingara holds a special memory as it was where my Mother lived in her later years, she and her 2nd Husband were keen fossickers and loved the small country town. The town has grown with a few nice cafes but basically it's the same as it was 15 years ago. The free camping along the Gwyder River is excellent and the Shire should be congratulated. The nights were freezing but beautiful sunny days, thank goodness we have a diesel heater in the van.

Lamb Shanks and Veggies
Traveling further North we came across Leyton, I have been receiving emails from the Sprints Committee regarding the annual Leyton 'Round the Streets' Sprints for months but didn't give it much thought until we saw the sign showing that the forth coming weekend they were on. The decision was an easy one to stop and take it all in. We arrived on a Wednesday and camped at a large grassed area only a few hundred metres from the Town and the race itself, already there were a few other campers scattered about but we were told that by Friday it would be very busy with up to 15000 spectators and quite a few of them camping for the weekend.

We got ourselves set up in time for another Bushtracker to roll in, Mick & Sue [SMICK] had also decided to attend the Sprints so they set up along side us. The next five days were spent enjoying each others company. The Sprints were on the Saturday & Sunday and i enjoyed walking around the Pitts having a chat with the drivers about their cars. The cars were a diverse lot, everything from a 1926 Amilcar AC to 50's 60's and 70's cars like Escort, MG, Mini, Cortina, Porsche, and some dedicated race cars, Van Diemann , Cheveron and Prosport Eclipse, some of my favourites were the XY GT Falcon, 68 HT Monaro, 1970 Bolwell, a V8 engined 1951 Morris 1000.

64' EH Holden
67' Ford Mustang

71' XY Falcon

68' HT Monaro
72' HQ Holden
69' Datsun 1600
65' XP Falcon
64' VW Beetle
51' Morris 1000 [V8]
75' Ford Escort [V8]
70' Morris Mini
64' Ford Cortina GT
70' Bolwell Mk7
The days were beautiful and sunny but the evenings were quite cold, we had a camp fire each evening and were joined by another couple Kevin and Jan whom the SMICKS had met previously. It's a small World as Kevin was ex RAAF and knew a Pilot friend of ours. Sue also had a connection as she lived not far from where i grew up and knew many mutual friends way back in the 60's. There is a saying about 6 degrees of separation, I describe that as yack on enough and your bound to know someone they know, its a Small World.

We left Leyton on Monday and drove through to Kenilworth, we stayed the night at Little Yabba which is only 6klms out of Kenilworth. Superbly maintained by the Shire it is a magic spot, today we have come into town to stay at the Showground and catch up on all the washing. We intend to stay here until Monday when we take the Van into BushTracker to have some additions done.

River at Little Yabba

Camp, Little Yabba Park

Beautiful Moreton Bay Fig Tree, Planted 1937

Aug 4, 2012

The Lifestyle Continues - August 2012

After three weeks at home catching up on some jobs and spending time with our grand daughters we were both itching to get back on the open road, Home this time involved everyone having the Flu, except me. Our youngest grand daughter Eve had to spend a night in the Children's Hospital undertaking many tests, a very worrying time for everyone but everything came back negative and  she bounced back quickly which was a huge relief. Vickie suffered, having the flu for 10 days before she came good.

Our plan was originally to head across on the Great Central Road to Alice and on up to North Qld but as we have found out many times that our plans change almost as soon as we make them. Instead of doing what we thought we would do, we headed East across the Nullabour for what seems like the thousandth time but more like a number between 30 and 40 trips back and forth. This time the purpose was to head to Adelaide and visit our youngest daughter Erin, Vickie and Erin were then flying to Melbourne to look at Wedding Dresses for Erin's wedding next year at Kho Samui Thailand. I don't understand why Melbourne, I'm sure they sell dresses in Adelaide but Erin is a Qantas Crew Member and the airfares are cheap and flying is the same as driving somewhere for her these days.

But before getting to Adelaide we had a lovely relaxing drive and stayed four night's in the bush enjoying lovely camp fires and camp oven cooked meals along the way. That simple experience is what i enjoy the most, the ability to be away from the maddening crowds, out in the bush, camp fire burning, birds flying in for a visit and the serenity. Saying that we also have a Satellite dish and a diesel heater in the van so once the outside temperature drops down, an hour or two of catching up on what has happened in the Olympics top's our evening off.


We left Monday and arrived on Friday, the weather was sunny but chilly nights, we saw two other Bushtrackers camped up along the way but didn't get the opportunity to say G'day.

We leave Adelaide on the weekend and making our way North. What roads we take we have no idea,