Jan 21, 2009

Safety Bay - Sth West WA

Finally we are on the road, have been for the past 6 days !! Thats the good news, the bad news is Vickie has been laid up for most of that time with a crook back culminating in a trip to the Albany hospital for some professional help. The staff & Doctors there were great and gave Vickie some much needed TLC that only drugs can give, X-Rays showed she has a curvature of the spine and the recent heavy lifting and packing has not helped and she has muscle spasm's, two weeks rest and some anti inflammatory drugs should see her right.

I can say that the 3 nights we stayed at Cosy Corner was lovely, a delightful spot with ocean views and amenities such as free BBQ & toilet block. This evening will be spent at a van park in Albany and then we will move onto Bremer Bay & finally Lucky Bay east of Esperence and stay there for a fortnight or untill Vickie feels better.

More photos can be found here

We are now at Bremer Bay, and Vickie has improved a lot so that is good news. Caught up with the people who bought our previous Van & Car, was nice to meet up but i don't miss the old rig one bit. Met 'our neighbours' David & Christine who have had a permenent camp set up at Bremer for many years, Went and chucked a few lures at a back beach, very scenic around here and looks very fishy country, No salmon but at least i caught something :-)