Nov 15, 2018

The Trip, Gibb River Road, Savannah & Cape York

I have not yet got around to uploading any of our trip details since Broome. I will get onto that as soon as I have the time.

Thank you

Niknoff - Mick & Vickie

Nov 12, 2018

80 mile and Broome

After leaving 80 Mile we stayed a night at a roadside camp and the next day drove into Broome, another place we have been many times before. We always choose to stay at the Broome Van Park as you come into town, its a family run park and Graham the owner always remembers us even though it may have been years since our last visit, though we think its our Number Plates he remembers more than us personally. 

We showed the Billy's around Broome and did the usual things, Dave managed to get his Awning repaired by a friendly Caravan repair guy which surprised me as things happen slowly in Broome time.

After a few days we had seen and had enough and it was time to move on to Derby 

Memorial statues to the early pearl diving industry

Broome Caravan Park

Each afternoon at the van park the Roo's and Ibis come to graze 

Vickie doing her thing at the Local Market, cant help herself 

You see some unusual vehicles / Campers on our travels

Broome Jetty

Queen Fish caught of the Broome Jetty

Sunset at Cable Beach

Nov 11, 2018

Cossack and 80 Mile Beach - May 2018

With the Billy's now joining us we could start heading North, but we didn't get far before making the decision to call into the Historic town site of Cossack, here we checked out the old buildings and spent some money at the cafe for Coffee & Cakes, i must add it was the dearest we have been charged but .. when in Rome etc ...

Our next stop was 80 Mile Beach, Vickie and I have stayed here a few times previously but having the Billy's with us who had not been here we had to visit again. It was nice to see the trees had recovered from the cyclone that almost demolished the area a few years ago. The sites are quite large and we all had plenty of space between other campers which is always a nice thing. We bumped into some friends from our Donnybrook years, Graham & Debbie so it was nice to have a chat and enjoy a cold beer whilst the 'fish magnet' Graham told us of the many fish they had caught whilst at 80 Mile.He certainly puts in the effort and is well rewarded with the fish he catches.

The regulars have some very interesting fishing buggy's they use, how comfortable does that look, laying back with a cold drink, protected from the sun and wind, waiting for the fish to take the bait. Life can be so hard -)