Aug 6, 2009

Alice to the Barkly

We spent six days back in Alice Springs staying at the showgrounds, Vickie took a flight down to Adelaide on Tuesday and came back on Thursday to have her eye treatment administered and i just hung around and filled in the time with Kimbo and mucking around with all the music and movies that Vickie's brother Alan had shared with me.

When Vickie came back we all went out to tea at a Chinese Restaurant, it was very nice. The following day we all packed up and went our seperate ways, Clive & Claudia heading out to Palm Valley and KIngs Canyon & Kimbo & Ned heading to Uluru, we went the opposite way and headed off with the intention of travelling the Plenty Highway across to Boulia but at the turn off we were unsure about the distance between fuel stops as we were told one of the stations had stopped selling fuel, So with only a small tank we dxecided discretion was the better action so we continued on to Tenent Creek and 3 ways where we turned right and continued east on the Barkly Highway, i'm sure the distance was considerably more but at least we knew we could get fuel when required.

The Barkly is uninteresting and we just travelled the kilometres and stopped when required, we have been along here previously and as we had a date to get to the Sunshine coast we didn't bother stopping other than coffee breaks, we were usually stopped for the night at around 3pm though, time to get a fire going and cook a beautiful roast pork in the camp oven one evening.

As i write this we are camped just out of Longreach for the night, alone in the bush on a hill overlooking a mob of other nomads who love nothing more than camping within an arms reach of each other, certainly not for us!

Apologies for lack of photos, i haven't had the chance to download them and get them up here.

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