Feb 22, 2009

Fowlers Bay - Penong

We stayed at Fowlers Bay for 4 nights, we shared the fishing between the jetty where we caught squid and around the corner at Scotts Bay where we got into some nice KG Whiting, Along with Clive & Claudia we went for a drive along the beach at Scotts looking for some salmon, came across some guys who had caught a few so we stopped and gave it a go, Clive was a bit close to the waters edge and had to move his Landrover Discovery for the rising tide, it got out but only just, with the wind not letting up much we decided to head back to Fowlers for happy hour, the mighty Effy just cruised out of the soft bog but not the Discovery that went down

Well needless to say i don't think much of electronic wizardry for 4WD's :-)

Sunday Clive & Claudia left to head further West and we also packed up and left to head further East, we stopped in at Pt Sinclair 21klms out of Penong, this is also the area for Cactus Beach a world renowned surf beach with a left & right hand breaks, when we visited the surf was almost non existant and the camp ground didn't look very attractive so went around to Port Le Hunte which is a real jewell, we arrived around 9.30 am and had the place to ourselves for about one hour untill about 15 or more cars turned up, they seemed to be all locals and a mixture of an open air church service complete with hymms at one end and other people with esky's the other. As the day ended we chatted with a few of the locals and we asked about the Penong Cemetary that we have visited a couple of times in the past, the 1st was when we went to Qld to pick up our Kedron Caravan and we saw a service being conducted and we thoughts we would check it out on our return journey a few weeks later, we found the grave and when we left thought we had the name of Les in our mind as the next time we drove across to pick up our Bushtracker we stopped and revisited, but we couldn't find a recent grave with the name Les, so that brings me to our conversation with the locals, it turned out the chap we had confused the name was Sydney, [my Fathers name was Lesley Sydney] so thats where the confusion lay.

Another grave we had seen before was of a young boy that had been taken by a Great White Shark, as it turned out this happened at Pt Sinclair and their was a memorial plaque erected there along with a safe netted swimming enclosure, the locals had indeed made this place one of special significance & rememberence. Having lost our Fishing Mate 'Guesty' to a Great White in December 2008, i toasted to both of these victims with the Guesty Stein.

The rest of the time spent here was relaxing, swimming & fishing off the Jetty, we didn't do to good with a few squid and a couple of Blue Swimmer crabs that we let go. The water was crystal clear & truly a beautiful place.

We are now at Streaky Bay, and yes the wind has returned, we [Vickie] will catch up with the washing and some shopping, hang around a few days and make our way to a nice place we have visited before ....... IF the WIND stops :D

More photo's can be found here


Rob Law said...

Nice blog, had a laugh when I seen Maine's (Maine he was known by, used to own the general store in Penong.) grave stone, great family friend. I also went to school with Wade's brother.
I love that country.

Mick said...

Thanks Rob, We hope Maine gets some amusement out of knowing complete strangers call in and use him as a coffee stop excuse ..