Jun 26, 2011

Ningaloo South Lefroy Bay – Departure

Yesterday we left our piece of Paradise at South Lefroy Bay, Ningaloo. Early plans were to stay at least untill the end of the Month with the choice then to stay on a further fortnight if we wanted, Whilst camped we received the excellent news that our Son Daniel had become engaged to his gorgeous girlfriend Elle and they were celebrating with an engagement party next weekend! Well with that news we could not bear to not be there so the decision was an easy one to leave a few days early and head back to Perth.

The Billys had left 3 days earlier to pick 'Big' Pop up from the airport after being away staying with one of his other daughters Sue in Victoria and Son Alan in Alice, He will stay with Jo & Dave for a couple of weeks before Sue fly's over and gets home & community care organized. Trev & Ashley stayed on and left with us as Trev has another medical appointment to complete for his application to re-join his mining job after having a year of travelling 1/2 way around Australia with Ashley.

Ashley, Vickie, Maddison & Joanne

We don't plan on being back in cold wet Perth any longer than we need to be, we have to have the rear suspension on the Ute fixed, we want to fit a 3rd solar panel and another deep cycle battery to the ute, giving us 3 x 80w panels and 2 auxially battery's which should help fix the problem we have had trying to run a fridge & freezer in the ute.

So where to next? We don't feel inclined to turn around and head North again so our initial plan is to take the Great Central Road across to Alice Springs, spend some more time around the MacDonnell Ranges before 'slowly' making our way down to South Australia and attend the BOG Muster at Quorn end of September, they are the loose plans, we will see what actually pans out, LOL



Our nine weeks at NING was lovely, we had a great time with great mates & family, The weather wasn't perfect with wind most days, the occasional rain storm, and overcast sky's - BUT when we had the perfect days everything else didn't matter. Fishing started off HOT before tapering off to a struggle to catch a fish but again we didn't really care, we still sat on the beach untill the late hours of night waiting for the BIG ONE to take the bait, it happened a few times and we all got onto some big fish, some beached some were unstoppable, all were great fun and the stories will continue for a long time. Thanks eveyone for sharing it with us.

What we do know is we will again call 'Ningaloo Paradise' Home next year for 10 - 12 weeks, who knows we might see 'you' there.


Anonymous said...

Dad, I love your blogs and being able to read all the small but interesting things you get up too..
Ningaloo really does sound beautiful... who knows, maybe I will get up there next year??
Love you both xxx

Mick said...

Hi Anonymous ... :-)

Glad you enjoy them Wubba, we would love to show you Ning one year ... but could the 5 Star Guy handle it ? :-)