Jun 16, 2011

Ningaloo South Lefroy Bay – Continued

The past week, in fact if we think back to before May when we 1st arrived the weather hasn't been "paradise kind' to us, sure it's better than anywhere else in Australia but it would have to be the most unsettled weather conditions we have experienced here in the past 15 years. Windy days, cold nights, overcast sky's and a few rainy days, fishing has slowed down considerably and we haven't had a purple patch like we [I] experienced in the 1st couple of weeks.

We had to say goodbye to our mates, Kimbo & Ned who left yesterday for the long trip back to Newcastle. It was not a planned leave but the EPS struck .... Yes Elderly Parent Syndrome.... Ned's Mum hasn't been well and they thought it better to start making for home now. We hope they enjoyed their time here, even in the less than perfect conditions.

Of course yesterday we had the best weather ever! Dave, Trev & I paddled down to the Point and did some fishing which caught us some good sized Charlie Court's [COD] The tide was going out and the inner reef turned into a millpond with water crystal clear, superb Kayak conditions.

The Sunset was beautiful, i had the fish to fillet so didnt worry about the camera so i cannot share the amazing vista. One downside was the midgee's came out and both Vick & myself got attacked with numerous bites on our arms & legs.

Up early this morning as we are driving into Exmouth, the Ute is booked in to have the rear suspension leaf springs removed and new bushes fitted, hopefully that will fix the problem of a twisted spring pack and clunking noise.

Our Beach Camp

Vickie & Slender Sucker fish

Ashley & GT


MillaRuby Designs said...

waiting to hear about the progressive dinner!! Glad to see the girls are catching some fish!!

Mick said...

The progressive dinner went well Cad, Ned did entre' Mum did deserts & Jo & Crew did a casserole. Since then we have had a finger food night, and Fish & Chip night ... we need to get away from this bunch and drop some kilo's LOL

Having a great time !!

travellingmacs said...

Hi Mick and Vicki

Glad to hear that your weather isn't much better than ours over here in Sydney! But at least you are in Paradise. I wish I was with you both. Nice to see the latest photos. Keep catchin' em. Love Marg

Anonymous said...

Hey Mick & Vicki

We're thoroughly enjoying your Ningaloo Blogs, so much so that we've brought forward our departure date for WA by 1 month.

Leave some fish for us although my fishing skills are probably at the bottom of the scale

Leigh & Mita

The Retro Roamers said...

Hey Mick & Vicki

Bit slow on the uptake here to raise a comment, to busy trying to keep warm (he he!!)

Bugger the weather, just have a good time. At least you are now warm.

2012 here we come!!!!!!!!!

Cheers & beers