Jun 3, 2011

Ningaloo South Lefroy Bay – Continued

A lot has happened in the past week, yet not a lot is any different to what our previous weeks have been. I have mentioned Groundhog Day previously and it certainly can be like that camped along the Coast, we fall into a routine of Kayaking, Fishing, Swimming, Snorkeling, collecting water, emptying the toilet cassette – the last is not the most enjoyable but needs to be done, actually since using nappysan [home brand] as a sanitizer in the cassette the odours have not been greatly noticeable, plus i empty the cassette every couple of days ... a great topic huh? Bet your pleased you checked out what we are up to now ... lol

Getting back to the fun stuff, we have had mate’s John & Wendy arrive in the area last week and we caught up with them on the weekend. They are camped near their mate’s at Point Billy, not our ideal camp site with very little beach and but each there own. They came to our camp area and liked what they saw, being with other friends makes decisions difficult. Regardless they are loving the place and we expect to catch up with them a few times while they are here.

We were surprised to be contacted on the UHF radio one day by the adult children of friends Barry & Kerry whom we know in Mandurah. Vaughan & Rennae along with baby Shiloh and other family, Craig & his G/F and Leon are camped up the beach from us, We have known Rennae and Craig since they were baby’s and we attended Rennae & Vaughans wedding so it was a lovely surprise seeing them here with their bub.

We have had a few night time fishing sessions but none produced the results of our earlier attempts, the tides are all different along with the moon so hopefully things will swing around as the weeks roll by. Not sure if i mentioned about the huge shovel nosed ray that i caught, certainly the largest we have ever seen caught with friends over the many years we have been coming here. An estimate of 3mt long with a head almost as wide it took a while to reel in and when close to shore Kimbo attempted to grab it’s tail and haul it in the last few feet but was thrown to the ground by the force of it’s tail, with Big Trev and Kimbo grabbing the tail they managed to drag it in with Kimbo getting thrown again at the last few metre’s. A few quick photo’s and we dragged it back in the water and spent some time allowing it to get it’s gill’s flushed with water before it slowly swam away.

Trevor and i had a near death experience when we and Dave decided to go and check out the surf with the kayaks, we had been fishing and with nothing happening we thought some wave catching could be fun. We started off small and kept getting closer to the bigger rolling waves, i had broken my paddle and was having to use the pedals & rudder to keep me straight, the 1st wave i caught was a ripper, i went flying past Dave & Trev, hooping and hollering like a teenager, it was very exciting but on the fine line of ‘Ooops this could end in tears’. Peddling back out i saw Trev catch a beauty but within seconds it turned him around and dumped him, i shouldn’t have laughed but it did look funny. It did cause me to think about securing the gear i had on and locking it away in the water proof hatches, luckily i did because the next wave heading our way was a lot larger than the 1st, I called to Trev to start paddling and he did only to be dumped again, no time to laugh this time as that wave was followed by an even larger one and i was in it’s path, all i could do was start peddling and hope for the best. The wave picked me & the Kayak up and sent me flying down the other side, the nose of the kayak was dangerously close to burying itself and i was laying back as far as i could to counter the balance, all went well for around 10 seconds and then i was broached with me chucked off the kayak and the kayak spiralling away. Unbeknown to me Trev was fighting his own survival with his anchor rope caught around the reef he was trying to free it, his paddle had been torn from his hands and the strap broken. 100mts away i was being dumped by a succession of large waves, coming up for air i called to Trev & Dave to come help, Trev of course couldn’t ... Dave started paddling towards me and caught his one and only decent wave and went flying past ..... See You in 5 Minutes he called out .... i started swimming towards my Kayak but the waves kept pushing it further away, finally Dave turned up and was able to hold it still and i got hold of it and we both turned it over and i climbed back on. Trev had sorted his own problems out and Dave found his paddle floating and took it back, the three of us headed back to safer waters. I must have swallowed some water and i was having difficulty getting air into my lungs but after a short time it came good. Both Trev and i suffered numerous cuts to our feet and Trev a nice graze across his back, i have also aggravated a shoulder problem. I think back and still enjoy the moment of that 1st exhilerating ride and if we were to do it again we would be better prepared with life jackets and leg ropes & stronger paddles. But perhaps i should just stick to fishing ......

Yesterday Kimbo and i took the tinny outside the reef, the ocean was reasonably calm but it was a new experience for Kimbo and rightly so he was a bit anxious heading out to Sea in 180’ of water in a 3.45mt tinny. There were other tinny’s already out and about and though we didn’t venture out as far as them, we did have a good time hauling up Gold Spot Trevally, Red Throat and unlucky for me a huge ‘something’ that took the bait and towed us around a while all the time ripping of line on my Saltiga reel. I knew i would win if i just took the time BUT sometimes things just don’t work out and this time it was my fault with a knot that seperated either by breaking or coming loose, either way the fish left with a brand new Owner Circle hook and 30cm of line in it’s mouth, everything else was undamaged.

Vickie had more luck with ‘keeper’ fish than us fishing from her Kayak inside the reef, catching another good sized Queen Trevally, unfortunately Vick has hurt her back and today it got a lot worse after we drove into Exmouth so we went to the Hospital. The staff there were very helpful in having her seen by the Nurse’s straight away but frustrating that the Doctor couldn’t find the time to check her over and left the Nurse to relay her diagnosis to the Dr. They decided a pain relieving injection and some panadol and muscle relaxent would help and sent her on her way. Lets hope that she gets better and it’s not another 400klm round trip back to town. Vickie has also had another eye bleed, her 4th now and not much she can do about it, so things are really not that crash hot at present.

The positives are we are still in love with this place & [each other] & enjoying the lifestyle.


MillaRuby Designs said...

Gosh you guys! Sounds like an eventful week.. lol

mally said...

Just got up to January Lí'l Bro . Just got a cuppa and will settle down by the fire and dream about south lefroy and you guys up there. Your Lí'l bro aint drivin you nuts yet ?? LOL


Mick said...

All is good big bro ..... wish you were here

Kimbo said...

BIG BRO , The middle bro needs wrapping up in cotton wool.

The little Bro can bash him up at the moment and win LOL

LiL Bro

Rick & Julie said...

Yo Bro Bogcchof, my third day in bed with a wog, not sure of her name Ha Ha Ha. Julie bought me an IPad2 for my birthday and it's really come in handy now. I've been surfing all the travel blogs and after reading your "Ning Notes", we've decided to come and harass you guys over there and finally have that drink by the water hole, although the Indian Ocean is a pretty big water hole, more Ha Ha Ha. What time of year do you go and what do we need to bring? Is it worth the trouble to bring the tinnie? Can we get water for the tanks close by? We've got 2 x 40Litre Engel's, to supplement the fridge/freezer in the Bushtracker, but might need to get a bit more solar happening.
I'm still laid up so my IPad e-mail is Rick@cedarlodgemotel.com.au
Cheers and love to all.
Rick & Julie

Mick said...

Emailed you Rick