Jul 10, 2011

Back on the road - New Norcia

The 11 days we spent back home went in a blur, the weather was cold and wet the first four or five days then after that it just got progressively colder with temps around 1 & 2 degree's overnight and not much warmer during the days. I did manage to give the Van & the Ute a good pressure clean and re-coat with underbody paint to protect the steel from our recent time camped on the coast. I also had the ute's suspension fixed with a new set of AGM upgraded rear springs fitted, the ute went up 60mm in height in the rear and can now handle the weight of the van and gear in the canopy a lot better. I didn't get around to installing the 3rd solar panel so i have bought that along and will get that done along the trip.

Dan & Elle

Of course the main reason we came home was to attend our Son's Engagement party, we had 14 in our group, Cad & Aaron along with Dave & Jo & their kids & partners we also had Vickie's sister Sue come from Melbourne and our Youngest daughter Erin & B/F Scott flew over from Adelaide. We all booked into the Hilton and caught taxi's to the party which was held at Elle's parents place, they had a big crowd turn up and at times it was standing room only. We all had a great night and it was really lovely seeing our son so happy where he is with his life, we love them both and look forward to the future. Hopefully we can get some photo's of Elle & Dan & the family to share, untill then this is the best i can come up with. That's Elle, Erin & Daniel on the right, Charles, [Elle's Brother] and Chas & Rae [Elle's parents are on the left.]

Today we got up early and had a big buffet breakfast, great hangover treatment that worked for some of us, it was then back home where we hooked the van up and said our goodbyes to the family and headed towards Geraldton, we have stopped for the night at New Norcia, another freezing cold night outside but we are toasty warm in the van with the diesel heater going.


Bob and Lyn said...

Hi Mick & Vickie,
Good to catch up with you during your short visit home, perhaps we'll catch up again in Quorn
It's still cold here
Happy & Safe Travels

David said...

Good to hear you're back on the road.
I hope you stocked up with bread an New Norcia.
Safe travels.

Mick said...

Bob & Lyn, yes finally we met and look forward to catching up at Quorn.

David, what's your excuse for not continuing the trip's? And yes we were lucky to get the last loaf of fruit bread, good to hear from you.

lizard said...

Hope you bring some good weather up north with you !
Been miserable on Pilbara coast for last few days