Jun 10, 2011

Ningaloo South Lefroy Bay – Continued

Not much to write about except we had a decent down pour of rain between 70mm - 90mm and we were able to collect enough to fill the potable water tank. We have met some people Bob & Sue whom we 1st met back at Kenilworth last year, they were walking along the beach just as Vickie and i went to sit on the hill and watch the ocean. They also have a Bushtracker and are camped on the flats in the same site we shifted to last year for our last two weeks here then.

John & Wendy have settled in at Point Billy and also know Bob & Sue from a previous Bushtracker Get Together, We were invited up to their camp for dinner and we had a great night. A few days later John & Wendy reciprocated and had us all up for sundowner drinks at their camp, lots of laughs from the girls as Vickie kept them entertained with the stories only she can tell. Us blokes stood around the 4WD's and compared canopy's, fridges, solar set ups & Kimbo demonstrated his HF radio features.

Last night everyone came to our camp and bought a dish and shared our meal, No one went hungry and the food was delicious. Trev made his Chocolate Mousse for desert. I had the TV set up outside with a slideshow of travel photos flicking through, along with a fire and some Creedence, Van Morrison & Chris Rea for the back ground music everyone had a great time with lots of laughs.

Some rough photo's of some rough heads :-)

We are all hoping the weather improves and the wind drops enough so we can get back on the water. Vickie's back is still very fragile so she won't be doing to much. Tonight we have a progressive dinner between our camp & the Billy's ... Camping can be so hectic some times.


The Retro Roamers said...

Life's tough aye Mick as long as you don't weaken.


Cheers & beers

RosnRoss said...

Love your taste in music....