Dec 21, 2015

Tasmania Part 9 - Scottsdale - Waterhouse Conservation Area.

Scottsdale has a free camp close to town that allows a 7 day stay, with a dump point and all shops close by it makes a good base from which to explore from. We arrived and it was already very crowded, we thought at 1st we had the best position of them all, tucked away near some large trees but things got a bit scary during the night with the wind breaking some branches and nuts falling onto the roof of the van, so at 2am I was up and moving the van. It wasn't the most restful nights sleep because now the van was at an angle, so when the local camp rooster started crowing I shifted the van again over to the day picnic area. 

There is a dam next to the camp that has Platypus in it and we were lucky to see it playing around near  the small spillway, it was using it as a water slide, it was difficult to get a photo, this was as good as I got.

We watched a large van get towed in by a 80 series Landcruiser, I had a chat with the owners a lovely elderly couple who told me it was 35' long and they bought in America and towed it 76,000 miles around the States before bringing it down to Tassie where they have continued to tow it around. They were a lot keener than me towing a fan that size around the hills and bends down these parts.

We only stayed the one night at Scottsdale and headed out to Waterhouse Conservation area, in particular Ransoms Beach, there was one other camper set up, an Ex Viet Vet from Hervey Bay named John and his dog Zorro, he was on his own until his partner finished work and was happy to enjoy the isolation. The two says we spent there the wind howled and as pretty as the area is the wind took the enjoyment away. 

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