Dec 3, 2015

Tasmania Part 7 - Swansea - Kempton

'We left the girls at Swansea Sunday morning heading to Triabunna, before we got there the phone rang and it was Elizabeth letting me know I had left my camera at their home but if we wanted to meet later that evening for a meal of fish and chips at the Tribunna F&C Van they would bring it with them. Sounded like a good plan to me, so between the call and meeting up later for tea we had a walk around town. There is a nice wharf area so I spent some time looking at the boats, Vickie checked out the local crafts shop. 

I came across my boat, at least I think it is, I can't actually remember ....

The girls arrived, we had very nice fish & chips, and said our goodbyes again. We spoke to a couple who were big into Geo Cache, a type of hide the parcel and finders have to use GPS coordinates to find them. When we were in the Kennilworth area we found a few and found it interesting but these people took it to a whole new level of keenness.

We left Triabunna the next down and continued South,we hug the coast past Spring Beach, Rheburn, Marrion Bay, some of the scenery was simply stunning! 

We stopped for lunch at a lovely camp picnic spot in the bush, it would have made a nice overnight stop but we didn't, 

The washing was starting to build up and Vickie suggested we go back to Kempton for a night and get it done, so that's what we did. Nothing is too far in Tassie and an hour later we were back there again, the next day I set everything up and Vickie did many loads during the day. Our van looked like a Chinese laundry with lines and clothes hanging around. 

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