Dec 21, 2015

Tasmania Part 8 - Kempton - Bay Of Fires - Legerwood

With the washing back under control we again left Kempton and retraced our way back towards the Bay Of Fires and St Helens. Before getting there though we stopped at the Elephant Pancakes on Elephant Pass Road, we had been here 10 years ago but this time we didn't think it was as good, the business is for sale and appears to not be in the same condition and for what flour & water costs the pancakes are over priced. 

With the pancakes ticked off the list we continued on to St Helens and in particular the area called The Gardens. Before getting there we saw a sign for Jeanette Beach and decided to take a look, we were happy that we did because we found a lovely camp site with one area left big enough for our van & car. Campers are allowed to stay four weeks if the want and with a lovely beach on either side of us it wouldn't be hard to do just that. But having only about that amount of time left it was just a three day stop.

We explored the area known as The Gardens but was very happy we choose where we did. Any of the free camps are great but our spot wasn't as crowded. 

After three nights we left and continued on to the tip if the North East coast, we had been up this way before like nearly everywhere else but we hadn't called into the Pub In The Paddock so that was another to cross off the list. Again we were disappointed that all they had to offer us for morning tea was cake from a freezer and average coffee.

We took a turn left at Weldborough looking for a camp along Mount Paris Dam Road, we eventually found it but the track in was very tight with bushes and trees lining the track, there was no turning back though and eventually we came to a small area just big enough to turn around in. 

We have seen lots of these flowers around in the bush, not sure what they are, could even be a weed for all we know but they are pretty. 

After all the effort to get in we decided it was a bit dodgy to stay because of the isolation and if we did have to leave quickly it wouldn't have been easy. So on towards Legerwood we went, this town is known for its chainsaw carved statues, the trees used were planted after the war in memory of the towns soldiers who never returned. 

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