Dec 21, 2015

Tasmania Part 10 - Bracknell - Evandale - Sulphur Creek

We left the wind at Waterhouse and with no real idea where we heading found ourselves at Bracknell, a small camp by a river. There were two other caravans and a tent set up so we decided to park outside the camp area and get some privacy. Not much to add to Bracknell except I did see many Fairy Wrens and the two camp chickens was reduced to one the next day, and not by me but something with four legs and teeth as the feathers were scattered everywhere. 

That morning we decided to Deloraine and base ourselves there for a few days and take some drives without the van in tow. The markets were on at Evandale on Saturday so that was a good reason to be close by. As markets go it was one of the better ones, as a bloke I preferred it to Salamanca as that was just touristy stuff, Evandale had a mix of farmers produce, trash & treasure and arts & crafts. Even so I could walk around and see all I wanted to in an hour. I was surprised to find Vickie waiting for me at our allotted spot, I'm glad my impatience is wearing off on her. 

We had lunch at a small cafe in town, a lovely setting outside amongst the many flowers and roses.

Another day we went for a drive to Sheffield, this town is known for its murals and each year they add another, it's the uniqueness of towns like this that make Tasmania so interesting, always something to look at and something different. 

There is a very interesting 2nd hand shop in town, I could have easily spent plenty of time going through all the items on display, vinyl records are making a resurgence and looking at the prices being asked for LP's that we had given away many years ago was staggering. 

Another day we drove through the hills checking out some other camp spots, we found a lovely spot at Liena but the effort to get in would have to weigh against actually getting a spot that wasn't taken so we crossed it off the list. 

We called in at Forth, another town with a free camping area, on this particular day there was a Harley Davidson motorcycle show on so I walked around having a look. 

Time we left Deloraine but we have a feeling we will be back. One of our longest drives to date, around 100klms found us along the North West coast at Sulpher Creek, not the most enthralling camp stuck between the highway, a rail line and a rocky beach, But it was Vickies Birthday so nothing but the best for her, we drove into Burnie looking for a place for lunch and we spotted a hotel and thought that looks ok, well after committing ourselves to a table we realised there was a end of year school lunch going on and the noise was incredible! We couldn't wait to get out of the place. So feeling a bit disappointed that the birthday lunch wasn't a success we headed back to Penguin for a look then back to camp for a few drinks. 

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