Jan 4, 2010

Pildappa Rock - Lipson Cove

Change of plans, with the gusty coastal winds increasing we decided not to head back down the western side of the Eyre Penninsula instead we choose to go check out a Rock, Pildappa Rock which is 15klms NE of Minnipa. This was a fantastic spot, a mini Ayres Rock with no restrictions on climbing or camping, here the Shire encourages picnics and overnight stops with plenty of long drop toilets, picnic tables, shelter with lighting and water tanks provided.

We spent plenty of time climbing over the rock which resembles Wave Rock at Hyden WA but nicer, it is easy for all ages to climb, the views are great and the cooling winds on top of the rock blew away any flies, the same couldn't be said for around the base as the flys were very friendly but not as bad as we encountered leaving home.

We were joined by two other vehicles during our stay, one couple travelling with a caravan and the other couple with a camper trailer, they were keen as they had 4 large dogs with them and we were quite happy that they stayed on the opposite side to where we were and both left early in the morning, i don't even know whether they bothered to have a look at the view.

We decided to drive down through the towns of Wudinda, Lock & Cummins and head for Lipson Cove which is on the eastern side of the Eyre Penninsula 19klms North of Tumby Bay. Wudinda has a great granite statue symbolising the Australian Farmer, the sculpture is beautifully carved and well worth a look.

Lock & Cummins were like most of the small towns we passed through, hardly a soul out and about and with all the businesses closed for the weekend, except for the Cummins Hotel where we were given the thumbs up by a few patrons as we cruised slowly past.

We have been to Lipson Cove previously and enjoyed it enough to come back, we just hoped that it wasn't busy like Point Sinclair at Penong. Driving over the last hill the ocean looked fabulous and there appeared to be only a handfull of other campers, but with limited sites we had to wait untill someone left before we could take their place so we just set up on the side of the main entry for a night. The next day some campers left so we are now in 'our' spot and spending our time relaxing, walking along the beach or rocky cliff trail's and fishing, we have seen hundreds of rabbits. Today we will get the kayak out and have a play with that, we saw plenty of Dolphins yesterday afternoon so we hope they will be back.

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