Jan 11, 2010

Lipson Cove

Catastrophic! that is the weather forecast for lower South Australia, for the past week we have been experiencing high temperatures around the 40c, the last two days have been the hottest and hot gusty winds around 30knts. Last night we slept with all the windows & screens open to get what sea breeze we could catch, it wasn't the most restfull night sleep we have had. With the hot winds and temperature already heading up i went for a fish, within a few casts i had hooked onto a nice sized salmon around 2.5kg, I had been fishing for whiting and was using an old baitcaster that a Western Angler forum member Ed Oklowski sold me around 8 years ago for $50, if you read this Ed you can be assured the 'old' setup is still working well, best $50 i've spent.

I percervered with a some more casts to the deep gutter but nothing else other than a small blowie took the bait, so it was back to camp where i filleted the fish and Vickie cooked it in a egg wash and coated with breadcrumbs & parmesan cheese, delicious with some tartare sauce.

With forecasts for high fire danger throughout the area we are staying put where we are untill things cool down, we don't have to be in Adelaide untill the 25th January for Vickie's eye Doctor's appointment. We have a friendly crew of other campers around us to enjoy happy hour with, John a retired police officer from WA in a 25' Retreat Caravan, Paul & Sally from the Hunter Valley with a Bushtracker, and Steve & Jo in a camper trailer, others have been and gone throughout the time we have been here.

Well what a change a few hours can make, since writing and posting this up we have had the cool change hit us along with lots of rain and wind, i was up in the night making sure things were put away and the drawers that we are carrying over for our daughter where covered with a tarp, I have also set up our water catching bucket to funnel what water we can into our holding tanks. Now it's a wait and see game to find out what the day brings.


Anonymous said...

Love the photos Mick!

Mick said...

Thanks ... Anonymous :-)