Jan 26, 2010

Vinefera State Forest - Sandy Point Hay

The short visit we had with our Daughter & her Boyfriend flew by fast, and Vickie's Doctors appointment was good news with no changes in her eye condition, and with the next appointment not for another 6 months we left Glenelg today on Australia Day and headed off. Tonight we are camped beside the Murray River in the Vinefera State Forest, CAW5 #337 it's been a very hot afternoon & evening and we have been sitting outside the van watching the Australian Open Tennis on TV.

Vinefera State Forest Camp

The night cooled down and around 2am we were reaching for the sheet & blanket, the forecast was another hot day as we left camp and headed towards Swan Hill and then on to Moulamein, this was a lovely old town with interesting history, we were going to check out the Old Court House but it was closed and open for appointments only, many of the small shops were closed so we made do with a cuppa in the park beside the river.

Morning Tea at Moulamein

Moulimein to Hay is uninteresting as far as scenery goes, just vast plains and very dry. In Hay we are staying at Sandy Point CAW5 #523, a lovely camp with flush toilets, plenty of shelters with free BBQ's. It's the local river launching area as well and we have had a few 'locals' drive in with some ski boats which was very interesting to watch.

Sandy Point Camp Hay

Tomorrow we will be heading North East on the Western Highway and may take a detour and check out Lake Cargelligo CAW5 #1094

# Footnote - Well last night was an interesting time, around 10pm we had some local hoons come into the park and do some laps in their three cars every 30 minutes for the next two hours, the dust hung in the air long after they had their 'fun', we surmised whether the local caravan park pay's them to harrass visitors, but HAY what does it matter ....it kept us entertained.


Andrew & Migelle said...

Good news on Vickies' eye problem.
We're enjoying your blog.

Glad you enjoyed that little piece of heaven on the Eyre Peninsula - Lipson Cove. Lincoln/Coffin area is our favourite destination for a weekend away.

Mick said...

Hi Andrew & Migelle ... the thought did cross my mind to call you and see if you were up for a few days away ........ but my bad ..... i didn't and we didn't stop on our way past Whyalla .