Jan 14, 2010

Lipson Cove S.A.

We love this place, we have been here almost 2 weeks and the time has flown by, the weather has had it's up's & downs but appears to have settled back into perfect conditions with temperatures around a comfortable 27 - 28 degrees.

Paul [Ivan Millat] & Sally along with Steve [Dick Johnson] & Jo have left us but what makes this lifestyle so great is the people we meet and we are certain we will all stay in touch with each other, hopefully we will meet up again somewhere during the year. We had many great laughs and we christened Paul aka Polly as Ivan due to his resemblence to the infamous back packer murderer Ivan Milat, Steve was the spitting image of V8 Legend Dick Johnson ... it was all good fun and everyone enjoyed the humour.

The Group

Polly [Ivan] & Sally

Steve [Dick] & Jo

John & Shirley [UK]

John with the 25' van has been here the longest and is referred to as the Mayor of Lipson, he intends to stay another week before moving slowly West. John & Shirley both from the UK have fitted into the happy hour scene easily, great humour is always a pre-requisite and they have no shortage of that, just as well because they know bugger all about fishing but that didn't stop Shirley catching a whiting yesterday afternoon and John a slimy Wrasse this morning.

Vickie and i took the Kayak out again this afternoon where we spotted the local sea lion floating around basking in the lovely sunshine, he wouldn't let us get to close but close enough so we could check each other out. We also had the pro shark fisherman arrive yesterday and fillet his catch just off the beach leaving all the carcasses to float along and end up on the foreshore! This is the 2nd time he has done this and hasn't made to many friends here. I took the baitcaster out and caught 3 nice salmon trout which we will cook up the same as we did the salmon i caught a few days ago.

Friday today and we will hang around a few more days, Tumby Bay has an Arts Festival on that Vickie wants to look at, so Monday looks to be the moving on day, we will probably drive straight to North Glenelg and park the van on Erin's front yard again for the week untill Vickie's appointment and then head off again making our way slowly to Kilcoy Qld where we will be farm sitting for a couple of Months.

On the weekend we had some locals come for a kite surf, i wandered down to the beach and offered to take some photo's of them which they were very appreciative, they put on a good show despite the winds becoming very strong.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

hi mick @ vickie this is our email addresss at long last waz basicly retired on sick leave more skin cancers to come of we in motorhome all the time now so decided to bite the bullet and get a bigger one 24foot pick up next week we hope. we just love the life so much hope to keep traveling the next five years at least. we are at gloucester at my daughters place filling in time at the moment till motorhome arrives. we head for tasmania on 12th march for two months looking forward to it. waz has to keep coming back for doctors visits. hope your ok vickie all the best for this new year bev & waz email is [removed by mick]

Mick said...

Hi Bev & Wazza,

Hope to meet up with you on the road somewhere, safe travels. I removed your email address for privacy reasons, i have it noted in my address book.