Apr 24, 2009

Adelaide - Mannum

Home Base Glenelg, Erin & Scott's front yard.

Back on the road again even only for a few days, between Dr's visit's we thought we would go down to the Fluerieu Penninsula for 5 nights to give us a change of scenery and give Erin & Scott some space from the 'olds'. The traffic was it's usual crazy self and it was a nice relief to finally get down to a place called Rapid Bay, this was a $5 per adult camp with green grass fronting the Bay, there were two jetties one being very new having only been opened on the 11th March, already it was proving popular with many anglers lining along each side trying their luck on the Tommy Rough's [Herring] Personally i couldn't be bothered so all we did was check it all out and walked around the town, not many locals about in fact we saw none, only a few cars around and the local general store had closed up shop permenently it appeared.

We stayed two nights and with the warnings on the radio & Tv about a storm approaching i took down the awning and put everything away, just as well because that evening the winds picked up and the next morning we awoke to the sound of rain coming down upon the Van, a lovely sound & feeling all cosy inside. We decided rather than stay coped up in the Van that we would leave and check out a few other spots.

Cape Jervis is where the ferry goes across to Kangaroo Island, this was about as close to K.I that we would go, the costs are high around $650 to take a smaller rig than ours across seemed expensive for what was over there, and the time that we had.

We drove along looking for a camp site in the Conservation Park but why they charge such high amounts to camp in the bush amazes us, $23 for the 1st night and $15 a night there after deterred us from staying especially as the rain was still coming down and the threat of falling tree limbs didn't enthrall us, perhaps in nicer weather conditions we would appreciate it.

Plenty of Winery's along the country roads and the scenery of steep rolling hills made for a nice drive, untill i felt the auto gearbox in the F250 appear to falter as if the torque convertor was not allowing full power through, When we arrived at Victor Harbour i checked the oil levels and it appeared to be on the low level so i topped it up with 3/4 of a litre bottle, since then all is working fine but upon checking levels again it now appears to be over full. Oh well it is due for a service so i will have Ford check it over, thankfully the truck is still covered by full warranty should there be a problem.

Leaving the Penninsula, we decided to go and check out some camp sites along the Murray River, this turned out harder than it seemed and with constant checking and re-checking our Camps4 book along with using the GPS waypoints we still could not find the sites we were looking for, we ended up crossing the Murray River on the ferry [Free] and we are now at the free camp site on the easttern side of the Murray at Mannum. Tomorrow we will take a look around the town and decide whether we move somewhere else or stay another night and head back to home base Glenelg on Sunday.

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