Apr 14, 2009


Not much is new, Vickie visited the GP today and had most of her test results back which were all normal, just the test for the 24hr blood pressure monitor to wait for now. Another appointment has been scheduled to see another Specialist on the 20th, so fingers crossed he says something can be done.

In the mean time my lower back decided it wasn't getting any attention so it started behaving strangely, i was getting burning sensations across my left butt cheek and groin area, very painful so thinking it may be hip related i went and visited a GP, he diagnosed lower back sciatica and i went and had a CT scan which confirmed his diagnosis, i was to have some facet joint injections done under X-Ray on Thursday but over the Easter break the pain got progressively worse, and then the blisters appeared on my lower back, very weird untill a friend of Erins mentioned SHINGLES ... sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh! Shingles, caused by the chicken pox virus, IF you have had Chicken Pox then there is a chance you will suffer from shingles at some stage, very painful i can assure you. So after throwing more $$ at the SA medical & pharmacutical fraternity i now have a box of tablets to take ..... wish it was that simple for Vickie.

Our days have been spent just looking around Adelaide and districts, another couple of weeks and we fly to Melbourne for a few days to visit Vickie's sister Sue and her family, then we intend to hook up the van and head to the Murray River for a few weeks & catch up with friends Mally & Lynn before the next round of Dr's appoinments.


Stephen and Robyn said...

Shingles !! had them. Don't want them again.

Hope things are improving for you Vicki.

BTW, I registered as a Follower and it came up with a name I haven't used for ages (Trakkie7) even tho I changed it to Gone Bush so I can't work that one out.


Mick said...

Gday Stephen,

Well if youve had them you know how i'm feeling LOL.

I saw you registered, it would be nice if i knew just who takes a peep at least then i wouldnt feel like i'm talking to myself :-)

Dazmit said...

Geeze Mick , you and Vicki are certainly having a run of bad luck medically - hopefully it will all improve for you soon.



Anonymous said...

Hi there. It's just us (rockgoc) taking a peak at where you are and what you're doing. Hope your health improves. Cheers from Kununurra.
Jan O & Easy

Mick said...

Thanks for taking a peek Jan O & Easy, Kununurra ! a lovely spot i bet it's warmer where you are. LOL