Apr 3, 2009


Our time in Adelaide has been spent going from Doctor to pathology & Xray departments... so far the reports have all come back normal which is comforting but also worrying as we still don't know what has happened. The Doctor Vickie is seeing has arranged a glucose tolerance, ECG and a 24 hour blood pressure monitoring system to be done next week, along with a visit to a private orthamologist specialist in the hope that he can find out why & what outcome can be expected, her eye is still blurred with minimal vision.

We have managed to have a look around Adelaide & suburbs and we are impressed with the beautiful old character homes. Beautiful deciduous tree lined streets give the whole of Adelaide a lovely outlook, it's a shame the roads are not up to the growing population and traffic congestion at peak times is common.

Glenelg Foreshore is a trendy area with lot's of glitz & glamour, China Town in the city is a fascinating area, the meals are very reasonably priced at the many restuarants & cafe's, the markets have everything imaginable for sale. We went for a drive to Haarndorf which is a lovely hill side village with a German theme, plenty of Kransky & Bratwurst sausage for sale around these parts.

Today we are going for a drive to meet up with another Bushtracker couple who live in the Mt Barker district.

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