May 8, 2009

Flight to Melbourne then back to the Murray River

We treated ourselves along with our daughter Erin & boyfriend Scott a flight to Melbourne to visit Vickie's sister and family. They live down the Penninsula at Mt Eliza and it's a 1.5hour drive, nearly twice the time it took for the flight from Adelaide to Melbourne. We were only in town from Thursday till Sunday and the girls wanted to go to the Casino and the blokes wanted to go to the Footy at the 'G', we combined both along with a visit to see our neice Danielle and her newborn son Tyson & 2 year old Jasper plus a trip to visit Sue & family wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Hastings Markets, by the time we flew out on an early morning flight we were all exhausted by the time we got back to the Van. Thanks for putting us up and ferrying us around Guys!

The queue waiting to get on the train after the footy

Sue & Vickie, Retro Chics

This old 'funny' looking boat was for sale $2k.

Jasper, this kid is a natural with a ball

Young Tyson

When we returned home Vickie had an appointment with her specialist, so once the 1st treatment of many to come for Vickie's eye was out of the way we left Glenelg for the Murray Riverland, our friends Mal & Lynne were heading to Broome via the same route we were travelling so we organised to meet up at Ramco Point just out of Waikerie, it was great to catch up again and we got to see their new Trailcraft Caravan. They stayed two nights and then we parted company with them heading further West, we also went West but only for 20klms where we spent another night at Hogwash Bend, it was another beautiful camp beside the River but we felt a bit lonely after having great company for the last couple of nights. The phone signal & TV reception at Hogwash was lousy also, we had an early night and read before falling asleep.

Houseboat passing Ramco Point.

Mal, Lynne, Myself & Vickie

Dusk at Ramco Point

The next morning

Dusk at Hogwash Bend

Camp at Hogwash

Leaving Hogwash we drove to Waikerie and then stopped at ........... [fill in later] for a few hours to read the papers and just relax, yep you guessed it, by the river. Tonight we are camped again along side the river at a free camp just out of Loxton. A lovely spot with lots of tree's and birdlife, we saw an interesting event when i heard a splash and spotted a large Kangaroo swimming across the river, it took him around 10 minutes before he got to the other side and another 10 minutes of splashing around in the bullrushes before he scrambled up the bank, he must have been exhausted, i was too captivated watching to think about the camera.

Camp at Loxon beside the Murray River

Dusk at Loxton Campsite

The end of the day produced another beautiful sunset, and that was about the time the bugs came out so it was time we headed for the comfort of the Van. Dinner was Spag Bog and an evening planned of computer time and watching the Footy.


Anonymous said...

Oh TOP SPOT people!!! Loved the moon shot. The name of the camp site was a goody too, sort of kept snapping me back to (Hogwarts Express) ..Hogwash...hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Well....where are the COD shots???

Mick said...

Who do you think i am .... I don't show my Cods to everyone ..


Anonymous ... gotta be Bro Rick ..

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