Jul 23, 2011

Gascoyne Flooded Roads

We really enjoyed our time around the abandonded Big Bell Mine out from Cue, if the rain had not started we would probably still be around the area detecting. We had planned on heading to Leonora and across the Great Central Road to Alice but all roads were closed, we also had the dilemma of Vickie suffering yet another bleed behind her eye, her 3rd in the past few months. Darryl [Fozzie] & Julie received the phone call we all dread that a family member was extremely ill and they left us the next morning to drive back home.

It was decided to spend another night out with Geoff & Vickie at a nice spot called Lake Nerene, at least i think that is what it was called.

Geoff called the challenge for the Great Bread Bake Off and it was taken up by myself, little was i aware at the time that it was Geoff's wife Vickie doing the preparing & kneading, with not much sun about it took a while for the bread to rise and then knock it back down and wait for it to rise again, The Saltwater Cowboy had the jump on us and had his in the Weber Q long before our's was ready to bake, We also had a roast to cook for all of us so it was just as well their loaf was cooked and we were able to use their weber to cook the roast in.

The proof is in the photo's as to who's bread turned out the better. :-)

With G&V heading back to Geraldton, we checked out the Historic Photographic display at the Shire Offices before heading back home ourselves for a week to enable me to re-fit the ute out for the addition of the Stainless Steel BBQ that we bought, what was supposed to be a day's job turned into nearly 4 as there was a lot of cutting, measuring, glueing to get the job to my satisfaction, plus the rain rarely let up and i was having to work in cramped conditions. The end result was worth it though and we are very happy with the finished job.

We also had the opportunity to see our beautiful granddaughters again, plus Vickie's sister Sue who was still over from Melbourne. We intend to leave again tomorrow, we know where we will end up, just not sure which way we will go to get there. Vickie needs to see her Specialist in Adelaide so all going well with available appointments we may just head straight there.


Stephen and Robyn said...


pass on our good wishes to Vicki. Let's hope that issue is resolved soon.


saltwatercowboy said...

The refit in the back looks very tidy and as for the bread next time we will have a bread tin!!!!!

Mick said...

Thanks & will do Stephen & Robyn,

Saltwater Cowboy ... wha tha !! only 9.5 / 10 .. it's worth at least 9.6 .. thats the refit .. bread is definately a 10 :-)

Anonymous said...

That looks like a good loaf.
Next time how about a real challenge.
make rye bread.
I make mine in our onboard oven but perhaps I can try with our little Weber Smokey Joe. Never tried to bake on it before.