Sep 26, 2010

Mareeba Qld

We have visited and stayed at the Rodeo grounds at Mareeba three years ago and loved the area for it's location and the low cost no frills camping, We paid for a week to start with but have extended that for another week as we are in no rush to move on.

The week we have been here we have taken a few drives around the area, one out to Mt Molloy and on out to Daintree, the last time we were around there was when we had the kids with us doing what our eldest daughter described in her diary as the 'Holiday from Hell', this time there were no complaining voices in the back seat but nothing much else had changed with the countryside as beautiful as we remembered.

Locally we went to the Mareeba Coffee House and took in the tastings of coffee & chocolate, they have a great display of all types of Coffee paraphenalia which is worth the visit. If your fortunate to be an old fart you will have a seniors card and get in for $12pp, if your still young like us it costs $19pp but included you do get a $5pp discount of anything purchased and a free re-entry card for as many times as you like.

Another day we drove down to Kuranda and visited the markets, a couple of stores caught my fancy, one was the Global Gypsey's which struck a chord with me as we are doing something similar but not on a Global size, well not yet anyway, the other was a great display of dinosaur exhibits and ancient fossils, an excellent display for the cost of a donation. We then drove down onto Cairns which does nothing for me at all, though i am sure Vickie would like to wander around the shops. Without stopping we drove back to Mareeba via Gordonvale and the Gillies Highway back to Atherton which like the Kennedy Highway we went down on was twisty and steep.

Saturday was spent at Yunguburra and in particular the Markets, Yunguburra is a lovely scenic small town, property values have discovered the area and prices to buy around here are not cheap. We both enjoyed the markets, i found a specialty knife stall with a range of Schrade pocket knives for sale, i couldn't resist buying a Heritage H194 'Old Timer'. Schrade were a well known American knife manufacturer that went out of business 7 years ago after 100 years of knife making. The knifes are quick becoming collectors items with values increasing.

Today was mainly spent doing jobs and cleaning the van, this evening we were treated to another lovely sunset with the build up of rain clouds and hundreds of Brolga's flying back to the lake.

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