Oct 5, 2010

Mareeba Qld - Continued

Life at Mareeba is a bit like Groundhog Day, the days turn into week's and before we know it we are into our 3rd week camped at the Rodeo grounds. Starting on the 7th of October there is a Country & Western Music Festival on at the grounds so we thought we may as well hang around for a while longer and take it in. Being so close to the action we will be able to hear the music if not see it.

All By Ourselves

The other campers

Plenty of Roos here

Our days have been spent either reading or catching up on small jobs, we have been going for drives around the area and taking a different direction each time. The Country side is very scenic with magnificient looking hills and plenty of farming properties growing all types of tropical fruit along with plenty of Coffee plantations.

We have enjoyed visiting Mt Hypipamee crater which was formed by an explosive eruption of volcanic gases which blasted through the granite surface, the water 60mts below didn't look at all inviting not that you would or could swim in it.

Mt Hypipamee Crater

Souita Falls was another out of the way falls we visited, We were able to see the first falls within about 150m of walking. There was an overlook platform letting us see a bit of the falls from its top. The second falls is another 70m further along and you need to negotiate some overgrowth but it was the prettiest of the two.

We have visited the Coffee Works centre a few times to partake of the coffee's and chocolates they have for tasting but our favourite brew has to be North Queensland Gold, Maloberti's Brand. I first went there three years ago when Vickie flew home to Perth for a visit and we have been buying their coffee ever since, plus introducing the brand to family & friends. Today we paid them another visit and bought some more of their medium roast coffee, their property is certainly not as flash as some other's are in the area but they do things the old fashioned way, growing and roasting their own coffee beans. With plenty of Chooks and Cats around the sheds, Bruno giving tours to visitors, Bruno's Daughter Maria taking care of sales & Mrs Maloberti sorting out the coffee beans by hand it's an interesting and charming place. Coffee can be purchased on line at their web site:


There are plenty of Markets on the Tablelands with something on somewhere just about every weekend, last Sunday we visited the Tolga markets, while it wasn't as large as the Yungaburra markets it was still worth a look. This weekend it's Mareeba's turn to have their markets.

I finally got around to getting my Tow Mirrors made for the Ute, I didn't like the after market tow mirrors as it usually meant something strapped on or extra mirrors attached to the exisiting ones, i had seen plenty of versions where the standard mirror had been extended by some extra length of metal but i didn't like the look preferring to keep things looking factory, so what i did was take the arm off and have an Alluminium fabricator bend me up some arms an extra 100mm longer. I am yet to get them powdercoated but this is what they look like. Vision to the rear is now a lot better, in hindsight i would have gone an extra 50mm and i may get Mrk.2 made.

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