Sep 13, 2010

Normanton - Herberton BOG Muster

We stayed at the Normanton Tourist Park, we were greeted by Warren a young lad about 12 - 13 years of age. Warrens family come from Brisbane and have only had the park for 12 weeks and he has fitted in really well. He took me around in a golf cart to show me what sites they had and then back at the office he took care of the booking in and credit card payment. This Kid has a future in hospitality.

We stayed two nights at the park, it was hot and we both used the 25mt swimming pool to cool off, i did have an artesian spa which was very relaxing and almost nodded off.

Another BT owner was parked beside us and we had a chat before they left the next day. I went and visited and Purple Pub and had a beer and unlike me i put $5 on the pokie machines and lost. We have been to Normanton previously when the Rodeo was on and had a great time and there wasn't much for us to see or do whilst we were there, we did spend some time in the Visitor Information Centre, a great place to spend a few hours relaxing in the Airconditiond comfort reading the info and browzing the libary.

We didn't bother cooking one night and bought Barra & chips from one of the local cafe's which was very nice & plentiful. Down on the river i threw a few lures about from the boat ramp, being careful not to get to close to the waters edge as the area is renowned for Saltwater Crocs, Their is a concrete replica in the main street of Krys Croc a huge 8.63mt Croc that was shot by a lady back in 1957, a true dinosaur.

Leaving Normanton we headed to Georgetown, another nice country town we had visited previously. We particularly wanted to get some meat from the Butcher Shop as it has a good reputation and one we can vouch for. This Butchery is certainly not fancy, no shop window and nothing on display, the owner has been there for many years and has the business for sale and nothing had changed in the 3 years since we last called in.
We have eaten the lamb chops & steaks and they were superb, we wish we had of bought twice as much.

We stayed the night in one of two van parks in town, $15 a night unpowered away from everyone else it was nice and relaxing watching the birds around us. I started to think about some mates who were attending the Bushtracker Owners Group Muster at Herberton and sent some a message to find out what their plans were and how long they were hanging around, the messages came back that some were there for another 5 nights and some were leaving in 2 days time, so we decided to hook up the next morning and head to Herberton.

We arrived later that day and caught up with the many people we know and met a few owners whom we didn't know. The venue was a great one, Tepon Horse Park is a lrge area with all amenities required to cater for around 60 Bushtrackers. A few had already left before we got there and over the next few days it has thinned out where now there are only about 10 Vans left. We have our mates Lloyd & Heather, Muzza & Judy, Noel & Denise, Rob & Glenda & Rosco & Chris close by and happy hours are spent around a large camp fire.

We have filled our time in by catching up with some cleaning & maintainance, a drive to Atherton & Lake Tinnaroo and a visit to a Sunday Markets. The weather during the day is warm & sunny but late afternoon we have been getting some light rain and cool nights, great for sleeping.

We all have to be out by tomorrow and 4 of us are going to Lake Tinnaroo and try our luck at catching some Red Claw.

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