Feb 2, 2010

Gwyder River - Bundarra Camp

We stayed three nights along the Gwydir River 3.5klms out of Bingara, all along this stretch the Gwydir Shire have allowed camping which is great, the Shire is aware that the majority of campers spend money in Bingara so it's a win win for all. We spent our time either reading or going for walks, we went into town and did some shopping and Vickie dontated some money to the RSL pokies, drove around the town and re-visited the Batterham Lookout.

The weather was mostly overcast & humid with threatening rain while we were there, solar amps were down so Vickie decided to do some washing and at the same time give the batteries a charge up with the generator. TV reception was scratchy so out came the Sat Dish, getting a good signal however proved difficult with the amount of tree's around, i percervered though and ended up having success.

Gwydir River, Bingara NSW

Rather than try the Kayak again i pumped up an inner tube and floated down the river a few kilometres, the walk back took the longest. Leaving Bingara we drove the road to Inverell and then turned off and went to Bundarra where there is a lovely Lions sponsored free camp by the river, lots of green grass, shady tree's and toilet amenities. We will stay here the night and head off in the morning to Copeton Dam for a look & possible stay.

Bundarra Camp

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