Feb 10, 2010

Tooloom Falls

Around and around we go, where we end up, we certainly don't know.

Left Old Benalbo after staying one night, it was pleasent enough spot for an overnighter and thanks must go to the local shire for having provided such places.

We headed North to Urbenville, here they have a camp spot close to town for a small fee you get to use the hot showers, we didn't need to having everything we want in the Bushtracker but we did stop for a coffee break and a walk into town where Vickie brought some shopping. One thing that does amaze and annoy me is that we rarely get acknowledged with any pleasentries, they must be fully aware that we are 'tourists', doesn't take much to say Hi' passing through? etc. Next time it appears all to hard for them we will take our dollars elsewhere.

Tooloom Falls is just 5klms out of town and worthy of being highly rated in our classification based on our need's. Very scenic, green grass, BBQ facilities, Shelter's and the Fall's themselves. Beautiful spot and one we will definately call back too. I got the Kayak out and pumped it up and we both took turns in paddling up the river, The Kayak is a Hobie Mirage and is equipped with pedals as well as a paddle and is easy and quite fast to peddle along. Not having a NSW fishing licence i thought it best to leave the rods in the bags but i was told that some big Bass & Catfish live in these waters.

We only stayed one night at Tooloom Falls, the rain started again and the thought of being cooped up didn't enthrall us, so onwards we went. Unfortunately the rain followed us everywhere, a visit into Kyogle got us out and checking out the local shops & bakery on our way down to Casino, Kyogle Caravan Park is for sale at a reasonable price if anyone is interested. Perhaps it's me but i get a feel for a town the moment we drive into one and Casino didn't set my passion to stay alight. The rain didn't help, and i am sure we will be come back one day for a 'proper' look.

Out came the map and we decided to head back along the Bruxner Highway towards Tenterfield and on up to Bald Rock National Park but before we got that far we stopped at Crooked Creek Camp for another overnighter. We had been here previously and one of our BOG [Bushtracker Owners Group] Member's, Alan mentioned to us after he heard we had visited, that there was another camp spot down the track further. With the rain still continuing to fall steadily we choose to stay in the same spot we did previously but i did take a walk down the track and saw exactly what Alan had described, the area is used and maintained by the Wilderness Horse Riders Assoc. I came across an old bed, the exact style i used when i was a young boy, my bed was used for outdoor fun & games as well, i can recall my elder brothers carrying it down the hall way to the back yard where it got used as a trampoline, pretend fishing boat and covered over it became a cubby house, but at the end of the day it was back into the house and my bed. I cannot imagine the amount of patience my Mother must have had with 3 sons.

Left Crooked Creek the next morning again with water tanks all full thanks to the rain and drove onto Tenterfield where we used the dump at the showgrounds, then parked near a park and into town to do a small shop before heading out to Bald Rock National Park.

The fee's they charge to visit is reasonable at $7 valid for 24hours, Camp fee's are an additional $7 pp on top of that, we choose not to camp and just stopped for 24 hours. The walk to the summit of Bald Rock can be tackled in two ways, a very steep 1.2klms or an easier 2.5klms walk [one way] we choose the longer route but it was still very steep in parts with majority of the walk an uphill slog. It was well worth it though and the views fantastic, coming back down was a lot easier.

Bald Rock

Moving on after our stop we headed to Leslie Dam just out of Warwick, what a let down! $8 per person per night, for a view of a lake with low water level & dust & dead grass. We are only 44klms or so from Tooloom Fall's so thats my guess where we will end up again tomorrow. Vickie has been busy with the clothes washing as i slog away with this epic of work, it's a tough life i keep telling myself lol

Leslie Dam, A dissapointment

Maroon Dam, nice but no camping

As predicted we left Leslie Dam and drove to Tooloom Fall's again, it's a lovely spot and we stayed 3 nights here. The weekend was a lot busier than when we visited the week previously mainly trail bikes and a few campers. Plenty of space for all and it wasn't a concern. We are now at Kalbar Showgrounds, very humid with black thunderstorms overhead, we will base our selves here for a few days and check out some neighbouring towns.

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