Feb 17, 2010


Hot humid weather & storm clouds was a recipe for thunder & lightning, plus lots of rain! Harry the caretaker at the Showgrounds had suggested we camp on high ground which we did, Harry has been caretaker for the past 5 years and had never seen that area flood to any extent, that was untill that night. We watched the rain come bucketing down and the small creek behind us turn into a raging river, the water kept rising and soon we were surrounded, Harry came over and suggested we hook up and move to another spot on the bitumen, I thought we would be ok where we were but to save a sleepless night i would do as suggested. But 1st we got Harry's Bushtracker hooked up to his Jeep and got that into the shed as his van was in a low spot. By the time we did that our van rig was sitting in 12" of water and still rising, with the forecast for another front coming through i hooked up and moved over near the gate on the old drag/burnout strip, at least we were on a hard surface. As things turned out the rain eased off a bit and the creek stopped rising.

Kalbar is a small town with only the basic shops, whereas Boonah is larger and only 10klms away so the next day we went for a drive, our plan was to do a loop and take in the scenery but it was raining again so instead we just checked out the Boonah shops and had lunch. The next day we drove to Ipswitch to find the BCF store and exchange a camp chair that had broken, we have had the chairs for two years and both have snapped the arm's off, a bad design but a very comfortable chair, and with a 5 year warranty we will just keep returning them if they continue to break. At 1st we couldn't find the store and we did a U turn and asked at a service station, as it turned out we were heading in the right direction so we fueled up and headed back the way we came, next thing BANG! my 1st reaction was we had either been shot at or had a stone thrown at the truck, a quick lok in the mirror and i saw a council worker on the verge with a grass cutter, damn! a rock had been flicked up and smashed the rear passenger window. I reversed up and showed the worker who was most apologetic and told me to see his supervisor around the corner, we did that and exchanged details and got the phone number for the Ipswitch Council. It was arranged that we would go to BCF exchange the chair and then call in at the Council and the claim form would be waiting for us. Arriving there we found the man in charge had arranged for us to speak to a windscreen company closer to Kalbar which we have done and now waiting for another call to arrange a time to take the truck in and have the glass replaced. Then it's off somewhere else to have it tinted.

A pain the ass but we have the attitude it could have been a lot worse. To fill in the morning i have been helping Harry mow the grounds, a large area but with me on the ride on mower and Harry on the tractor & slasher it only took a couple of hours. It was good practice for when we get to Kilcoy.

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