Sep 26, 2009

Mannum - Hogwash Bend

Vickies eye treatment wasn't exactly what we were hoping for, the Dr decided to give her another injection of Avastin in the eye and see how she is in 6 weeks time and then perhaps give her some laser treatment. If that's the case she wont have to go back for 3-4 months which gives us a longer time & further distance to meander around.

But we make the most of our chances and were quite happy to leave Adelaide once again and head for Mannum on the Murray River and meet up with Kimbo & Ned and Brian & Liz who were already there waiting for us. As usual the weather god chucked everthing at us with cold & wind and wet weather but we were doing better than one family who had nothing but a tent and all their possesions inside a car. Three young chidren whom we could see not getting much food, a mother who was ill and all she was drinking was river water and a father who looked down on his luck. Apparently they had been evicted for complaining about no running water in the house they were renting. Brian & Liz cooked them up a meal, Ned kept them supplied with filtered drinking water and Vickie and i bought 3 pairs of shoes for the kids to wear. It made us feel very thankfull for what we have and our lot in life.

We stayed at Mannum for 5 nights even though it was a 48hr camp the weather was lousy and not conjusive to packing up. When we did go we only went down the road a 100k's and set ourselves up at Hogwash Bend just out of Morgan and Waikerie. Here the weather has been all 4 seasons in one day but the camp is lovely with us set up right beside the river. Kimbo & I got our boats off the roof's and set about going for a play to finally see who had the fastest boat. It was a no brainer as i kicked his butt every time and then his motor decided to play up and not idle and hard to start so after a lot of mucking around with fuel / air mixture's and idle screws we decided to best leave to the experts.

Ned's sister Liz and husband Bill also came and stayed with us for a couple of nights on their way back to Newcastle and Brian & Liz also came for 3 nights and will leave this afternoon to head back to Adelaide. We accomplised some small jobs whislt here, mainly making up charging cables with anderson plugs for everyone so vehicle auxillary batteries could be charged from the Van's solar system. Kimbo and i also modified our van door handles by strengthening them with epoxy as they are prone to breaking, Brian did his also but made a bit of a mess and upon cleaning up the solid epoxy sliced his thumb open with his leatherman knife, some Doctoring by Kimbo & myself soon had him fixed and instructions of not to touch anything else.

The Bro's intend leaving here tomorrow and heading to Paringa which is East of Renmark for another few nights alongside the Murray.

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