Sep 17, 2009

Jeparit BOG Muster - Glenelg

The Bushtracker [BOG] Muster was great fun, the weather we copped was not. Winds & dust storms are not fun along with temperatures around 30C for 3 days. But we always had someone to chat to and something to do, the organised events broke up the time we were there, the spit roast was great and the open garden day very enjoyable, but the highlight was the 'Dimboola Wedding' what a fun time that night was! The play was very entertaining & meal delicious.

With the winds still howling in the afternoon's we used the lull in the morning to put everything away in preparation for an early leave on Sunday morning, we got to say goodbye to many but other's we missed so please take this as a 'See ya & catch ya on a track somewhere' goodbye.

The winds picked up again as we were heading to Mannum where we were catching up with Kimbo & Ned again for a couple of nights before we had to head to Adelaide for Vickie's eye treatment. As usual we had a great time with our Mates and have planned on catching up again on the weekend and travel along the Murray River with them.

Back in Glenelg at our daughters place we have caught up with all the washing and gave the rig a clean. We lashed out and bought a Lemair washing machine and a 150lt water bladder to enable us to stay out in the 'bush' for longer. The Effy is booked in tomorrow to have it's windscreen replaced, then a last minute re-stock and we should be back on the road in the Afternoon or Saturday at the latest.

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