Sep 5, 2009

Darlington Point - Jeparit

At last a beautiful camp beside a river, the Murrumbidgee at Darlington Point was our camps for a few days, having not seen the river before we were unsure as to what condition it was but we could be certain that it wasn't like it looked a 100 years ago, much like the Murray it was low in water in parts.

We had rain the last night we were there and the drive out was interesting as the track had turned to bog and the rig was slipping and sliding even in 4WD it was at crawl speed that we used to eventually get onto some hard surface. Two kilometres and the wheel arches of the truck & Van were clogged full off mud. Luckily it continued to rain and once on the bitumen most of the mud soon cleaned itself off.

Heading down to the Victorian border we stayed again at Vinifera Forest where we camped a few months earlier. Another lovely spot and no mud but we were rained upon for most of the time we were camped there. It was then time to head to Swan Hill and go to a Van Park so we could re-stock, fill the water tanks and catch up with the washing. Two nights in a Van Park is long enough for me and i was itching to get back out in the 'bush', we had 5 nights before the Bushtracker Muster at Jeparit so we headed to Sea Lake looking for a camp, it wasn't untill we found a beautiful spot called Yaapeeta Beach that we decided to prop for a few days. We camped on the lake that dry and covered in lush green grass, plenty of firewood and mob's of Roo's & Galah's to keep us interested.

On the 3rd day we were joined by 3 other Bushtrackers enroute to Jeparit, Brian & Marg, Murray & Judy, & Rosco & Chris. It was great to catch up and we had a roaring fire and enjoyable evening. The next morning we drove the 45klms for Jeparit and Lake Hindmarsh where already around 20-30 Vans were already set up, we didn't waste time in choosing our patch of ground and getting our camps organized. Then it was just a matter of having a walk around and doing the meet & greet and putting names to faces.

Now the 2nd day we have been here, the weather is ranging from blue sunny sky's to overcast, wind rain & cold, last night was beautiful with clear sky and no wind and a group of us sat around a large fire chatting away & enjoying each other's company.

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