May 12, 2009

Thiele’s Sandbar - The Murray - Mildura

Continuing up the Murray we have found some lovely camp sites, Thiele’s Sandbar & Paringa were another couple of camping area's alongside the river that we enjoyed staying at. Prior to Paringa we stayed a night at Martins Bend near Berri, a camp site that allows up to 30 days stay. It was nice enough but quite a few others were camped there and we prefer to be out in the bush so we headed to Paringa where we found some more escapees from Martins Bend had the same idea, Gary & Sandra from Central Coast had found themselves a nice spot close to the waters edge so we parked away to give each other some space, the same couldn't be said for another couple of campers who couldn't have gotten any closer to them if they tried, it was unbelieveable! The vehicles were almost bumper to bumper and the camper just a few feet from the camp fire. Gary & Sandra are obviously more easy going than myself and they didn't cause a fuss, as it turned out we all enjoyed a few drinks around the fire that night with the 'intruders' bringing out the guitars and sharing a few 'tunes' with us. Perhaps they just weren't aware of the camp ettiquette of giving people their space.

The Murray River

With provisions and clean water running low we decided to break camp and head to Mildura where we are now camped in a Caravan park for two nights so we can restock before heading back out and independently camping again. One thing comes to mind after spending two nights in this Van park is the other Caravanners are a non cummunicative lot, a different breed of people than you find out in the 'bush', the morning can't come fast enough, we can't wait to get back out there again.

Camp at Paringa

Arty - Farty Photo

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