Nov 21, 2015

Tasmania Part 3 - Brady's Lake - Hamilton

November 13th found us cruising along the Lyall Highway, Vickie has become quite adapt at using the iPad with the Wikicamps App, and she directed me to our next camp beside Brady's Lake, the drive in was a gravelled track leading down to the lakes edge, we choose to follow it around further and found a lovely place beside the whitewater river, this river is used for Kayaking events and a lot of it has been modified to make the event challenging. There wasn't much water flowing down to keep the kayakers happy but it was flowing enough for me to throw a fishing line into, but with no luck.

Another place we should have stayed longer but we figure that we have plenty of time to find new places and we can always come back. We left Brady's Lake and drove past Ouse and Tarraleah, we were keen to check out a camp near Lake Repulse, the name didn't sound attractive but the comments in the Wikicamps gave us hope. Well after a long drive through the hills we came across a filthy rubbish strewn camp, it astounds us that humans can disregard their own backyard so badly. It was obviously a party camp with the amount of empty cans and bottles laying around, toilet paper scattered through the bush with not even an effort to burn or bury the waste. Disgusting! 

The only bright part of the day was coming across an Echidna making his way across the road, we stopped and I put my gloves on and took the opportunity to get some photos before carrying it into the bush. 

Our day ended up at Hamilton, we actually called into use the toilet dump but then realised the town had a small area available for overnight stops, there were already a half dozen other campers set up but we found a section away from the crowd nestled in between some trees, we thought we had the best position of them all. 

That's us up in the top section. Towns like Hamilton need congratulating for allowing campers to stay, some charge a small amount whilst others are free. We always try and spend some money in the town if we have stayed there. Hamilton was no different, getting $30 from us for freshly baked bread, coffee's and freshly baked pies. 

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