Nov 21, 2015

Tasmania Part 1

The last time and only other time we have visited Tasmania was 10 years ago, Vickie was turning 50 and she thought it would be a good idea to escape any celebrations for her 60th by re-visiting Tassie. The last time we went we didn't get a cabin and sat up all night, feeling exhausted the next day, this time we had a cabin and how relaxing was that. The ship did some rock & rolling as it went out the heads apparently, I didn't notice I was fast asleep, Vickie swapped ends as she was getting a bit nauseous from the pitching. 

Getting off the ship was stress free and we basically tossed a coin as to which way we would go, heading towards Sheffield won and away we went. We actually kept going a bit further as we had found a camp near Moina that sounded interesting. What luck we had, a big difference to 10 years ago when we stopped on the West Coast and nearly were blown away! This camp had it all, a lovely river, green grass, birds, and quietness. 

There was plenty of firewood left stacked by previous campers or the Ranger which we put to good use.

We stayed two nights here, in hind site we should have stayed longer because it was so lovely, who knows we maybe back.

We drove through Black Bluff Conservation Area and stopped at a lookout with Cradle Mountain in the distance, we had visited Cradle Mountain last trip and thought we would leave it till last to visit again so our next night was spent at Lake Macintosh, we camped on a point with the water almost 180 degree around us, Tassie certainly has some beautiful camping! 

Lots of lovely wild flowers throughout the area, the views stunning.

The next day we drove to Strahan, we enquired about the cost of the train ride and boat trip, took the details and may do one or the other the next time we loop on down. We found another nice camp in a pine forest, some may think it was a bit spooky being along in a pine forest but we loved it, we had unlimited pine cones to burn ! 

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