Apr 11, 2012

Welcome to baby Eve

April -

Hip replacement - Check
Vickie's Dr's Appointments - Check
Birth of our 3rd Grandchild - You BEWDY - Check!!

We are proud and very pleased to announce the birth of our latest grandchild -

Eve Rae Hopkins Barson

Born at St John Of God Subiaco yesterday afternoon. Weight 6lb 15oz and 49cm long.

Eve & her Mum, Elle and Dad, Daniel are all doing fine.

Welcome to the World baby Eve

Millana [granddaughter 1] holding her cousin

Ruby [granddaughter 2] holding her cousin as she sucks on her finger

Soon we hit the road for Ningaloo - Check !!


Dave and Shell said...

Another beautiful Granddaughter.

That checklist is getting shorter :)


Mick said...

Thanks Shell, she is already 40 hours old ...... They grow up so fast LOL

robbo [ dusty] said...

Congratulations another grand child it does not get much better. Great to here you guys are doing well.
regards Deb And Trev

Mick said...

G'day Robbo, yes mate the planets have aligned and we appear to have everything falling into place, it will be nice to have a couple of months 'by ourselves' and chill out.

Was great to catch up when we were in SA, will give you a call when we get back that way.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you all . Hope all is well with you both . Regards John and jo Albany

Mick said...

Hi there J&J great to hear from you, how's the new van going? Are you home? Any trips planned? I hope the Landcruiser has been ok and your enjoying life.

Everything is going great with us, hope to catch up somewhere.