Mar 23, 2012

Update: 24th March 2012

 Sorry no exciting news or photos of us traveling around this time, simply an update on what's been happening in the past few Months.

We have been home based during that time except for one flight to Adelaide for 10 days to see our youngest Daughter Erin and Vickie's eye specialist. That appointment went well and she is still scheduled to have one more operation on her eye later in the year, hopefully that will be the end of that for her, Vickie has also been seeing a cardiac specialist to try and find out why she has been getting chest pains. All the tests have been done and nothing has been found to be of a concern though she is now on angina medication and that has seemed to have helped. A follow up appointment is in a fortnights time. What was exciting whilst we there was Erin & Scott announcing their engagement, it's been a while coming and we are thrilled for them and look forward to their planned wedding in Ko Samui Thailand next year.

My hip replacement has been done and now well on the road to recovery, things have changed in the seven years since i had my left hip replaced with the surgery being less invasive. I was only in hospital for two nights this time and the immediate difference is the ease in which i can get around compared to the 1st. I kid you not the pain has been intense at times and the deep ache inside the leg is literally a pain in the butt but each day it gets better and we are certain that i will be active enough to go to Ningaloo end of April.

Mentioning April, we have a wonderful event happening with the birth of our 3rd grandchild and the 1st for our Son Daniel & his partner Elle. We are looking forward to this and also having them join us with baby for a fortnight at Ningaloo in June. Erin & Scott are also coming across for a fortnight to finally see what the attraction is. Like the last few years Dave & Joanne will also be there, hopefully Trev & Ash can join us as well. It's an understatement to say we are looking forward to hitting the road again and also to be heading to Ningaloo.

It's amazing to us that we have had over 50,000 views on our site, we hope you get some enjoyment out of my rambling posts. Thanks, and don't be shy, we love to read your comments.


Dave and Shell said...

HI Mick & Vicki,
thanks for the update, a lot of stuff been happening. Glad to hear Vicki's eye is going ok & that your hip replacement went well.
Sounds like the countdown is on until April - not long to go now :)
We have 6 weeks left here in Kalgoorlie but will update our blog with that news in a few weeks,
Dave & Shell

Mick said...

Hi Dave & Shell, YES the countdown is well and truly on, i'm not wishing my time away but i will be very happy to see the next few weeks pass by and start heading North. What are your plans after Kal? sounds secretive :-)

Dave and Shell said...

Hi Mick,
you will just have to wait a couple of weeks to find out :)
By the way I forgot to congratulate you on the over 50,000 views WOW! we have had nearly 10,000 views on our blog in 3 years!

Mick said...

Ha, ok look forward to it.

Now wouldn't it be nice if everyone left a dollar ...... LOL ... I'm waiting to be discovered by Oprah :-)