Sep 9, 2011

Adelaide Update - 9th August 2011

Finally the day came around for Vickie to have her eye surgery, she wasn't scheduled in untill 4pm and the day dragged. A week prior she had another injection into the eye to stabilise and shrink the blood vessels, the Op was to hopefully fix the problem once and for all.

Vickie was very brave and kept her nerves under control, the Op was performed under local aenesthetic and she was aware of all what was happening around her. Within 30 minutes or so it was all over and her Dr is confident that it will be a success, he has told her to expect to need cateract surgery within 6 - 18 months though, one of the side effects of the operation.

She followed up with an appointment the next day and has to be seen again in one week and then a months time, by then we are hoping that she has regained some vision in her eye.

Other than that we have been kept busy house hunting with our youngest daughter Erin and her partner Scott, we must have looked at dozens of property's and hundreds more on the internet. Finally they found one that ticked all the boxes, a very nicely renovated older style home close to the CBD of Adelaide. With finance pre approved all should proceed along without any hiccups for the settlement in early October. We haven't missed out either with room for the Caravan when we visit.

Today i went and visited the Birdwood Motor Museum, i was very pleasently surprised in just how interesting it was, a reasonible admission fee of $9 per adult and many displays of motor vehicles & motor bikes from all era's. With hardly anyone else about i spent a relaxing 4 hours checking out all the displays. One thing i didn't find out and that was the total value, i'd imagine it would be many millions of dollars.

One warning to all our followers, make sure you wear your safety Belts whilst driving, i witnessed a vehicle coming to a sudden stop with both occupants being thrown out, luckily neither were injured .... well if they did they didn't complain :-)


saltwatercowboy said...

Mick all them Holdens and only one ford.

Mick said...

Something to do with it being the Holden Pavilion of Australian Motoring perhaps ....

Frapper said...

Hello Mick and Vic. Can't remember you email address pal. Just checking in to see how Vickie's eye is going. I know she has had the Op. and everything seemed OK from there. Has things improved since then. Has she got vision back yet. Hope this gets to you guys. Nothing much happening here. Counting down the months until retirement (me that is) and just getting through the shift work from day to day. We are going on hols to eastern states in mid November to say good bye to rellies on that side of Australia and have a little stop over in Sydney. Working over Christmas and then planning a holiday to Hawaii in February for 7 days. After that getting our house up to scratch for Housing department inspection. Got a lot of work to do after living here for 6 years. I have caused a bit of damage and will probably have to dough up several grand in repair money. Shit happens. Anyway, hope you are both well and will catch up sometime next year I imagine.
Love Frapper and Curls and Brown Dogs