Sep 21, 2011

Adelaide - Quorn - 21st Sept 2011

With Vickie's eye operation over we have a Month of freedom before the next follow up appointment. Our 1st night after leaving Adelaide we spent at Port Parham, a place we had stayed at 6 years previously. Nothing much had changed except there were a few more campers this time, because we stopped early we were able to take a long walk along the beach and watch the 'locals' putting their boats in by using jinkers. These were a strange motorised contraption that towed the boat and trailer out into the deeper water, there they were left untill the fishermen returned and did the same thing in reverse, towing the boats back to shore.

We had already organised to attend the Bushtracker Muster at Quorn on the 22nd of September and we had just over a week to fill in, our mates Geoff & Vickie were also coming to the muster and we arranged over the phone to meet at Fitzgerald Bay and spend a week camping before arriving at the Muster.

The wind was howling as we left and our original idea of heading to Whyalla started to look like it may not be a good idea being camped near the ocean. We instead headed inland towards Snowtown and the road to Quorn stopping at Stone Hut Bakery for a couple of the best wood fire cooked pie's in Australia. With lunch out of the way and the wind debating we changed minds again and phoned G&V telling them we were heading to Fitzgerald Bay after all.

We both arrived within 30 minutes of each other and after some initial confusion on my part working out just where they were, we hooked up and let the good times begin. The first day & night came and went with the usual lots of laughs we have when we get together, the 2nd night i wasn't feeling great with persistant pain in my back/hip/shoulder and we had a relativily early night. I was awoken by Vickie at 1.30 am who was in extreme pain with her stomach, after an hour of her in agony and being sick i decided to wake up Geoff & Vick and let them know i was taking her to Hospital.

The drive in at 2.30 am wasn't fun with the winds blowing ferociously and Vick moaning and groaning in the passenger seat. Arriving at Whyalla Hospital she was quickly taken in and given a bed in the emergency ward where she was given an examination and 3 injections. This settled her down and after an hour she fell fast asleep leaving me sitting in an uncomfortable chair awake for the rest of the night. At 8am we were told because the pain had subsided it was best for her to go to the Dr surgery herself. So an appointment for 9.15 was made and which we attended, the Dr and his assistant took over an hour in asking questions and an examination before determining she had a bladder infection or possible gall stone. She was given some antibiotics and pain relief and we returned to our friends at Fitzgerald Bay.

With the wind continuing to blow we decided to break camp and head to Warren Gorge 20klms north of Quorn, a place where many Bushtracker Owners had mentioned they were going to stay prior to the Muster. When we got there we were by ourselves and made claim to a lovely camp site overlooking the beautiful hills of the gorge.

The next day G&V and myself walked the scenic route around the gorge which was very nice, Vickie stayed back at camp and while we were away some BT friends called in telling her to come on into Quorn as the race course was starting to fill up already with 2 days still to go before the 'official' starting date. Hearing that when we arrived back from our walk we broke camp and heading into Quorn.

We are into our 2nd night here and we have just arrived back to the Van after having an enjoyable time around one of the many camp fires. It is lovely catching up with many of the people we have met before either out on the 'roads' or at previous musters. With the 1st day really starting tomorrow we have the next 10 days to look forward to enjoying ourselves providing Vickie doesn't come down with any other mystery illness.

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