Jul 13, 2010

Camped Up Ningaloo

The past couple of weeks has involved the School holiday's so the South Lefroy Bay area has been very busy with campers with kids, the past two days things have settled back to 'normal' though what is normal up here? The wind is annoying, each day we hope that it stops so we can get back out on the water but the Wind God is not listening to us. Not much we can do about it so we have been doing lot's of reading & sitting around.

Our Nephew Trevor and his girlfriend Ashley arrived last Friday, they were up here camped with Trev's parents Dave & Jo before we arrived but had to return to Perth to finish work and organize affairs before embarking on the Around Australia Trip, what a life 25 years of age, secure trade's behind them and the exciting adventure of travelling around Oz. Trev has a F250 and a camper trailer and they are getting better set up each spot they stay.

Not much else is new other than our internet connection has finally been established with the new modem that BigPond sent us, signal is not 24 hour reliable but it does enable me to check the email and update the Blog each evening and morning.

Fishing has been quiet due to us not being able to get out on the water, Vickie has hooked onto a few Golden Trevally and i caught a good sized Queeny which put up a good jumping fight. We are planning on staying another week and then move on unless the weather improves.


David said...

Hi Mick & Vickie,

Good to hear you're having a great time. I know where I'd rather be!

Sorry about leaving the Wind Machine on when we left Exmouth last year. The big red switch is hidden away at the north end of 14 mile - you'll have to head back. ;-)

Hopefully the wind will stop soon and I'll see some nice fish pics! Good luck.


Mick said...

Couldn't find the switch David so we gave up after 6 week's looking.